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​The US Is Fighting a Disinformation War — and Losing

A report declassified by the National Intelligence Council last month explains exactly how foreign powers tried to influence Americans during the 2020 election. Spoiler alert: Things don't look good.

Russian Hacker

Dmitry Nogaev | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The report, titled Foreign Threats to the US 2020 Federal Election, was compiled with help from every corner of the intelligence community.

The CIA, FBI, INR, NSA, DHS, NIC, and the Treasury Department were all involved in its preparation. The bombshell report has the weight of the entirety of US intelligence behind it – and it reveals a lot.

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First, the good news: They found no evidence that any foreign power directly interfered in our election infrastructure. That means they believe that there were no successful cyber attacks on the technical aspects of the election, including voter registration, casting and counting ballots, or reporting results. The results of the election are completely secure.

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Trump Threatens to Censor Twitter for Censoring Free Speech

The Trump-Twitter Industrial Complex continues to fester and mutate.

Twitter turned over messages from Trump’s account to special counsel

This week, President Donald J. Trump tweeted a false statement about mail-in ballots.

He wrote that secretaries of state were sending mail-in ballots to every person, when actually states are only sending out ballot applications. For the first time, Twitter jumped in to fact-check Trump's statement, adding a link to a webpage full of information about mail-in ballots.

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"This Article Is Satire, You F*cking Idiots."

I traveled to upstate New York to interview a man who didn't understand my Internet article was satirical.


"I don't even read the articles," said Mark Chapin*, a 58-year-old electrician, as I sat down with him in his living room. "I just read the headline and say my 'pinion. Ain't nobody can argue with that."

*All names have been changed to protect the identity of subjects in this article.

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#FreeBritney: A Movement for the Era of Fake News and Female Erasure

Sony just greenlighted a new musical-movie based on her songs, but fans are more concerned that their beloved icon is being trapped by her manager.

Photo by Jan Kopřiva on Unsplash

Is Britney Spears being held against her will at a mental hospital?

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Learn from Momo: How to Create a Viral Hoax

It takes time, effort, and incredibly lazy press coverage to exploit the public's fear successfully.

NBC Philadelphia

Somewhere in America's heartland, there's an Internet mastermind targeting children by injecting a monstrous face into kids' content telling them to hurt themselves — or so the "Momo challenge" leads appalled parents to believe.

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We Fooled the Internet w/ Fake Justin Bieber Burrito Photo

With the season of the grifter and accusations that Jussie Smollett may have staged a hate crime against himself fresh on our minds, it's clear we can't get enough of a good hoax (alleged or otherwise). To sate our appetites, here are four of pop culture's best grifters, cheaters, liars, and hoaxes.

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