Why do some people hate astrology so much

Astrology is cool.

Sorry, I'm Sagittarius rising, so I can't take anything seriously. But I'm also Scorpio Mars, which means I'm definitely a little mad sometimes. And I'm a little mad right now, because I need you to add me on Co-Star. Seriously, tell me your fucking sun sign. Please do it, and I do not want to hear about how you think astrology is so super fake, and you don't like stars or whatever. Listen, if you tell me your Venus sign, I promise to tell you mine. There's nothing to be afraid of.

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TikTok Band Tramp Stamps Might Be Industry Plants — But That's Not Why They're Bad

The Nashville punk trio have sparked accusations of being "industry plants." But what's worse is their shallow, misguided idea of feminism.

Courtesy of the artist

Over the past week or so, left-of-center TikTokers can only seem to talk about one thing: a band called Tramp Stamps.

Most of the chatter surrounding the Nashville pop-punk trio is overwhelmingly negative. Tramp Stamps — singer Marisa Maino, guitarist Caroline Baker, and drummer Paige Blue — first emerged on social media in late 2020, steadily sharing an array of masterfully edited photos before releasing their first original song.

Now, with the release of their latest single "I'd Rather Die," Tramp Stamps are getting ruthlessly roasted online for being apparent "industry plants" — simply put, folks are inclined to believe Tramp Stamps formed not over of the members' genuine interests in making music together, but because some industry executives decided they could make lots of money if they manufactured a "feminist punk" band.

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This article contains mentions of graphic sexual assault, abuse, and murder.

Five years ago, a pregnant 14-year-old girl named Chiara Perez was killed in Argentina. Her death sparked a movement that has been referred to as the Latin American #MeToo.

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"I Care A Lot" and the Fatal Hollowness of Girlboss Feminism

Mainstream feminism needs to step away from corporate feminism.

Girlboss Starterpack: This haircut, a pantsuit, and a vape

Contains Spoilers for I Care A Lot

I thought I knew how I Care A Lot would end just because it stars Rosamund Pike of Gone Girl fame.

Like Gone Girl, I expected Pike to come out on top, for her to go through the ringer in pursuit of her convoluted goals but end up with some version of the future she wants. In I Care A Lot, Pike's character Marla Grayson expects this too.

I Care a Lot | Official Trailer | Netflix www.youtube.com

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7 Ways Betty White Makes Us Smarter

She's often been called America's sweetheart, but she's more like our favorite grandpa's chill girlfriend.

betty white

Rodney's Blog

Happy 99th birthday, Betty White!

Even though learning history is pointless (since it's for nerds and never repeats itself), we've all enjoyed the historical fact that Betty White is, in fact, older than sliced bread. But sliced bread can't serve as a measurement of time the way that Betty White can. Aside from her 70-year television career, the actress and comedian lived through the advent of traffic signals, sunglasses, and ballpoint pens.

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Why Women In Sports Need #WomenInSports

This is what it is to be one of the #WomenInSports: It is a duality of being pushed down and lifted up solely because of our gender.

Erin Andrews, Joy Taylor, Jourdan Rodrigue and Jessica Kleinschmidt illustrate the experiences women face in the sports industry.

On December 2nd, the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers played against one another in a rugged divisional matchup. Millions of Americans tuned in as announcer Cris Collinsworth intended to pay a compliment to an impressive group of Steelers fans he met. They just so happened to be women.

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