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The 9 Best Thanksgiving TV Episodes to Watch on Turkey Day

Celebrate thanksgiving by hiding from your family and watching these fictional families enjoy turkey day!

Celebrating Thanksgiving usually entails a day of eating, answering uncomfortable questions from your family about your career and romantic life, hearing about your grandma's bunion surgery, and, if you're lucky, a well-earned doze in front of the TV. This year, given the social distancing guidelines, you may bypass the family time and go straight to the couch.

Regardless of your plans for Turkey Day, when that second helping of turkey starts to settle in your belly and your eyelids start to feel heavy, it's time to shove your cousin (or cat) over on the couch, settle in, and turn on one of these classic Thanksgiving-themed episodes.

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7 Documentaries to Watch for National Adoption Month

An adoptee recommends the 7 best documentaries on adoption.

Between a global health crisis and worsening ravages of climate change, 2020 has made history in plenty of devastating ways.

But 2020 also marks a historic period for social justice in the U.S., with the largest civil rights movement to date coalescing around the Black Lives Matter movement. The reverberations of the movement have created new frameworks to allow the complex and overshadowed histories of all marginalized communities to emerge, from Indigenous peoples to people with disabilities to transracial adoptees.

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4 Best Scenes from "My Cousin Vinny"

The only good part about Rudy Giuliani's meltdown is that it reminded us how good My Cousin Vinny is.

Rudy Giuliani is falling apart.

Just in the past month, his scandals have included: his scene in Borat 2, the Trump campaign losing the election, the Four Seasons Total Landscaping fiasco, and now a sweaty press conference claiming voter fraud.

Between his nonsensical accusations and the hair dye streaking down the side of his face, there was one moment of truth: when he said My Cousin Vinny was a great film.

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TW for discussion of sexual assault and severe child abuse.

One of the latest trends on TikTok involves users filming their "traumatized" reactions to the controversial indie film Megan Is Missing.

Michael Goi's 2011 movie uses found footage style to excavate the kind of psychological horror that stirs just beneath your consciousness when you hear of heinous crimes in the news, like the NXIVM sex cult, Sarah Lawrence sex cult, or anything Jeffrey Epstein said or did in his entire profane life (before he, you know, didn't kill himself). When you hear of such depraved acts of sexual abuse, you don't fully absorb the implications or lifelong impacts on the lives of the survivors.

How could you?

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Meet Leta Powell Drake: The Woman Who Makes "Between Two Ferns" Look Comfortable

In celebrity interviews, Leta Powell Drake of Lincoln Nebraska cut

"Let's let 'er rip this morning."

That's the line that introduced the world to Leta Powell Drake in a viral clip on Thursday, and it seems to sum up her approach to life—and particularly to celebrity interviews.

The two-minute clip, which caught fire on Twitter, is a compilation of moments taken from Drake's 25-year tenure as the host of KOLN's morning show in Lincoln Nebraska. In that time she interviewed hundreds of celebrities, often choosing to cut through the usual pleasantries.

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Fox News Host: Whoopi Goldberg Is Just as Bad as the Trump Administration

Howard Kurtz is equally tired of Republicans trying to stage a coup and of Democrats getting mad about it.

On Wednesday morning, Fox News host Howard Kurtz took to Twitter to let the world know that both sides are bad in the most hilarious attempt at false equivalency in modern memory.

Host of the Fox News show Media Buzz, Kurtz recognizes the dangerous game the Trump administration is playing. By blocking President-Elect Joe Biden and his team from transitional access to the workings of the federal government, they are threatening the stability of America's institutions.

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