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The long awaited Denis Villeneuve adaptation of Frank Herbert's "Dune" is here.

After years pining for its release, theaters have reopened and Dune is finally screening for us to marvel at its splendor. And marvel we will.

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It's true that this quarantine has felt endless.

But luckily Hulu brought some of its best content this month and will provide an endless amount of binging-watching material for the weeks to come. From the original 2002 Spider-Man to Zombieland and Risky Business, the streaming service is providing an endless amount of variety this month. Here are our top 5 picks for the month of April.


That's right, the 2019 Oscar-sweeper is finally hitting streaming services. If you missed out on Bong Joon-Ho's anarchistic masterpiece, then now is your chance to get caught up. What was by far the best film of 2019 is live on Hulu this month.

Bend It Like Beckham

One of the best sports movies for people who don't like sports movies, Bend It Like Beckham was an early aughts classic. A teen is forbidden to play soccer because of her gender, but she still joins a women's team that ascends to the top of their league.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2

An underrated Quentin Tarantino duo, the Kill Bill movies are quirky martial arts films that are practically non-stop karate action. Uma Thurman plays a former assassin, known as The Bride, who awakens from a coma four years after a jealous ex tries to kill her on her wedding day.

Get Smart (2008)

A hilarious remake of the 1960s original, Get Smart follows Steve Carell as Maxwell Smart, an inexperienced spy agency operate who suddenly is promoted to field agent. The film also features hilarious performances from Anne Hathaway and Alan Arkin.


As we ourselves feel we're facing a budding zombie apocalypse, Zombieland effectively puts a humorous spin on the whole thing. After a virus transforms most of humanity into zombies, the last surviving humans fight for survival. With hilarious performances from Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone, this cult classic spawned a super terrible sequel in 2019 that we'd all love to forget about.


While Spider-Man has now seen countless reboots, this original super-hero film still reigns supreme. While the trilogy ended on a lackluster note, the original Spider-Man has plenty of thrills to make up for it. Plus, the Green Goblin is such an underrated villain.

Blazing Saddles

This satirical cowboy film is a hilarious joyride that could surely wipe away the quarantine blues for a few hours. Crafty railroad worker Bart is the first black sheriff of Rock Ridge, a small town that is on the verge of being destroyed to make way for the railroad. He and the racist townspeople that he oversees suddenly become the last line of defense against a wave of thugs, who are sent to Rock Ridge to destroy it.