Jennifer Lopez in This Is Me...Now: A Love Story.

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My most controversial take: Jennifer Lopez can barely act and barely sing, yet we’ve somehow allowed her to build an entire career around both. That’s how we ended up with This is Me … Now: A Love Story — J. Lo’s music video meets semi-autobiographical feature film meets thesis on the merits of astrology (points were made). They’re calling it her Cloud Atlas. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting for the Beyonce Renaissance visuals.

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Jeffrey Wright Interview: American Fiction Review

“This is important. This is cool. This is funny. And I want to be there.”

39th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival - Montecito Award - Honoree Jeffrey Wright

Courtesy of SBIFF / Photographer: Becky Sapp

It feels like Jeffrey Wright is in everything these days. His versatility has taken him from character acting in the likes of rThe French Dispatch and Westworld to his recent Oscar-nominated turn in the dark comedy American Fiction.

What’s American Fiction about? Summary of this Best Picture-nominated feature:

In American Fiction, Jeffrey Wright plays a jaded writer who finally finds success by jokingly writing a “Black” book — aka a book that caters to the white liberal imagintion. Wright’s character, Thelonious Ellison — or “Monk” — wrestles with the professional consequences of his newfound success while grappling with grief and shifting personal dynamics.

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Is Saltburn Satire?

Saltburn is a lot of things. Salacious. Scandalous. Shocking. But is it satire?

What is Saltburn about?

via MGM / Amazon Prime

After the trailer was (finally, finally) released for the new Emerald Fennell feature film, Saltburn, I asked the question: what the hell is Saltburn? Now, a week after watching it and turning it in my head for days, I still don’t know the answer. This sick, salacious, yet ultimately satisfying film is a reinvigoration of its genre. But what genre is it aspiring to? And is it succeeding?

There are a few things I’m sure of. Saltburn is a study of dichotomies. Rich and poor. Filth and fabulousness. It’s the haves and the have-nots. Some have power, beauty, privilege, and love. The others have not.

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How ‘Love in Taipei’ Tackles The Immigrant Experience

Like its protagonist, this Paramount+ romance is far more than meets the eye

Love in Taipei

via Paramount+

It’s a particular experience to be a marginalized person in a predominantly white setting. When you’re an immigrant in any Predominantly White Institution (PWI) in the U.S., you’re both defined by and alienated from your ethnicity. The idea of your ethnicity feels like a shroud that separates you from the people around you, while also obscuring the complexity of the reality of your place of origin.

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Dicks: The Musical | Official Trailer HD | A24

A24’s Dicks: The Musical promised campy glory. The Indie Darling movie studio — responsible for some of the most iconic cinema of the past decade — was proud to announce its first-ever musical feature film. After hitting it out of the park with psychological thrillers like Midsommar and Hereditary, queer landmarks like Moonlight, and coming-of-age masterpieces like Lady Bird, Mid-90s, and Euphoria, I had high expectations for Dicks. But, respectfully, I came out of the theater with one thought: what the hell was that?

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“Sitting in Bars With Cake”: A Portrait of Platonic Love for the Loneliness Epidemic

Everyone is talking about what it means to be a friend in this era. Sitting in Bars With Cake shows us how

Sitting in Bars with Cake

via Amazon Prime

If you were in a bar on a night out, and two girls offered you a slice of cake, would you eat it?

While this could be the premise of a Chuck Palahniuk novel (Cake, a sequel to Choke, perhaps?) or an A24 psychological thriller about eating and intimacy or something equally uncanny, the reality is in fact … based on reality.

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