The Avener Talks Sophomore Album, New Single, and Life as a Deep House Icon

"I learn every day in the studio and things just evolve all the time."

Bryan Kehn

It's been 5 years since Tristan Casara released one of the most successful debuts in the history of European Deep House.

Known by his fans as The Avener, the 32-year-old released his infectious debut The Wanderings of The Avener to massive critical acclaim. The album peaked at #2 on the French charts and has since gone triple platinum. The project's lead single, "Fade Out Lines," was streamed worldwide over 200 million times and was certified diamond earlier this year. "A lot of people say 'congratulations' now," Casara said in a 2015 interview with Universal Music Backstage, "so that's a new word for me...and I'm very thankful for that." Casara hasn't released another solo album since, but that doesn't mean he hasn't been busy. "Musical culture is an extraordinary pillar to reinforce one's producing skills," the DJ told Popdust. "I learned to never under-estimate the musical background that the last 50 years offer me."

He has spent the last five years experimenting with and reworking other artists' songs in his We Go Deep sessions, remixing everyone from Bob Dylan and Lana Del Ray to underground deep-house up-and-comers like Grand Garden and Erolflynn. "I learn every day in the studio and things just evolve all the time thanks to [all the possibilities] of computers and technology." Casara is soft-spoken and modest; his We Go Deep sessions denote his passion for pushing the limits of his craft.

The DJ finally released "Beautiful," the first single from his upcoming untitled sophomore album, this past May. "I didn't want to deconstruct the tracks I reworked in 'The Wanderings,'" he said. "[I wanted to] give them electronic modernity without losing that original texture." His latest single is drastically different from anything on "Wanderings" and is completely devoid of the southern blues and deep house fusion that encompassed the entirety of his debut record. "The songs differ from each other in a more harmonic vein," he said. "Some you can dance to, some you feel melancholic too." After being "locked up in the studio," he says his sophomore record will "finally be out later this year." While "Wanderings" catapulted Casara into deep house stardom, the DJ still just tries to make it about the work. "In 10 years I'll probably still be in my studio chair," he says. "But instead I'll be looking over the Carribean while I work."

Larry Kramer, AIDS activist and artist, passed away today at 84.

Kramer was known for his books Faggots and The American People, as well as climate-changing plays like The Normal Heart. His close friend and literary executor, William Schwalbe, told CNN that Kramer died of pneumonia."Larry made a huge contribution to our world as an activist but also as a writer," said Schwalbe, who had known Kramer for 57 years. "I believe that his plays and novels, from 'The Normal Heart' to 'The American People' will more than stand the test of time."

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Kevin Courtois Talks Inspiration

The French producer releases new song 'Uncertainty.'

Kevin Courtois is a French producer famous for his ability to bridge the gap between commercial pop and dance music, creating a hybrid sound all his own. Each new production brings something new to the table, keeping fans guessing about what the talented artist will come up with next. Joining forces with rising songstress Lexy Panterra, the producer unveiled his new single, 'Uncertainty', which aims to transcend conventional boundaries.

Kevin Courtois - Uncertainty ft. Lexy Panterra (Official Music Video)

Where did your initial interest in music stem from?

I always loved music and grew up in recording studios. I honestly never imagined doing anything else.

You just released your massive new single 'Uncertainty' alongside popular social media personality Lexy Panterra. What was the inspiration behind that single and how did that collaboration come about?

I was working with a songwriter, Matilde Redbridge, from Sweden. At the time we were working on a bunch of songs, and at the end of a session she wanted to show me a demo with her guitar. I got goosebumps. I knew the song had potential and I asked her if it was cool for me to produce the song and find a feature for it.

I met Lexy through my management, she had the perfect tone for the song and we wrapped it up in a couple hours.

Who are some of your favorite producers at the moment?

I would say Zedd, Ian KirkPatrick, and Calvin Harris

What tracks do you currently have on rotation in your music playlists?

I love Promises by Calvin Harris! Happier by Marshmello is dope and I found this cool house beat by Captain Cuts "Do You Think of Me" that I really like.

If you could summarize your music in two words, what would they be?

Dope, magnifique.

Coming from France, how would you compare the music scene there versus somewhere like the U.S.?

I'm not very familiar with the French music scene anymore. However, I do see many European upcoming artists developing their projects here rather than at home.

Who is one artist that you would love to collaborate with on a track?

I have so many in mind! Honestly my goal is to work with someone who's not in the same genre, in my opinion, that's how you create something unique. The first artist that comes up in my head is Ella Mai.

If you weren't a musician, what career path do you think you would've taken?

No idea.

What's something your fans may not know about you but you'd like them to?

I have a baby boy. He brings me so much joy and inspiration!

Can you tell us about anything in the works for the rest of 2018?

I have so many projects in the lab right now! I'm hesitating on which single I should release first, but I'm super excited to drop all of them. They are all different, I can't say much right now because I'm still working on them but stay tuned guys! Thank you for your time Popdust!

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