Yoke Lore and NVDES Release End-Of-Summer Ode: "Everybody Wants to Be Loved"

Yoke Lore is back with more impeccably danceable indie-pop.

Yoke Lore releases his latest track, "Everybody Wants to Be Loved."

Featuring NVDES, this indie dance floor jam combines Yoke Lore's (Adrian Galvin) distinctive vocals with a frenetic EDM beat. The song has a simple but profound message: How do you tell if you're in love with a person or in love with the way they make you feel? "Everybody Wants to Be Loved" breaks up the release of the acoustic Meditations EP, which the Brooklyn artist dropped earlier this year.

"Me and Josh run into each other in weird places. I've encountered him in random LA rooftops, Parisian cafes and German airports," Adrian says of his collaboration with NVDES. "Our collaboration is laced with some years of growth we've seen each other go through. I think the amount of time we took to let this song become a reality can be felt in its multifarious nature. It has a hectic drive that both makes you move and leaves you yearning. The song is about not being sure about your place in the romantic world. Do we have to play that game? And when we do who do we become? But if we don't what do we miss? And all the changes we go through as we navigate those questions to build ourselves."

Listen to the new single below!

Everybody Wants to Be Loved


Fresh Music Friday: Goodbye to Mercury in Retrograde

New music from Clairo, Brockhampton, Sleater-Kinney and more!


Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Governors Ball/Billboard

Mercury is finally out of retrograde, and it feels like we can all collectively exhale. To add to the good vibes, this week was filled with some seriously great new releases.

Fresh Music Friday is here to give you a breakdown of new singles, EPs, and albums to check out as you make your way into the weekend. Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new releases from those you already know and love.

This week, Clairo's anticipated debut album, Immunity, arrived; Lana Del Rey confirmed the release date for her forthcoming album, Norman F*cking Rockwell, (out August 30th, officially); and Brockhampton returned with their first song of 2019 called "I Been Born Again" and news of a new album, Ginger, that is reportedly due out later this month. Additionally, post-Janet-Weiss Sleater-Kinney features started coming and didn't stop coming as S-K shared their third single, "Can I Go On," from their new album, The Center Won't Hold, which comes out on August 16th. Plus, new singles from Pom Pom Squad, Field Mouse, and Jadu Heart are here. August is shaping up to be a pretty great month for music. Here are six new songs to get you started.

1. Brockhampton - "I Been Born Again"

For a group that loves to saturate the music industry with new releases, we haven't heard all that much from American boy band and rap collective Brockhampton in the year 2019. That's not to say its members have necessarily been quiet. Frontman Kevin Abstract put out his solo album, ARIZONA BABY, back in April, and the rap collective has been making their rounds on the festival circuit all summer. But this week, Brockhampton dropped their first official song and video of the year called "I Been Born Again," the first single off of their upcoming album, Ginger, that is reportedly due out in August.

2. Clairo - "Sofia"

Last week Clairo unveiled "Sofia," the third and final single from her debut album, Immunity, which is out today. "Sofia," with its musical nods to The Strokes and dense production helmed by Rostam, is a song that feels like a natural evolution for an artist like Clairo, who found her beginning in twee, laptop pop and developed into a fully fleshed-out indie rock act. Immunity demonstrates that despite her rapid launch to viral fame, Clairo is committed to honing her sound and, more importantly, she's carved a space for herself and she's here to stay.

3. Sleater-Kinney - "Can I Go On"

The rollout for the new Sleater-Kinney album (and its accompanying drama since drummer Janet Weiss recently left the band) doesn't show signs of quieting down. The forthcoming and polarizing S-K album (entitled Hurry On Home) was produced by Annie Clarke of St. Vincent and is slotted for release on August 16th via Mom+Pop. The band has already shared the title track and second cut called "The Future Is Here," and this week, they've dropped the album's third single, "Can I Go On." The new song grapples with the paradox of modern ennui—a society in which everyone is simultaneously feeling too tired to go on and too wired from all of the casual productivity-inducing stimulants that help propel them through the day. The Center Won't Hold is out 8/16 via Mom+Pop.

4. Pom Pom Squad - "Honeysuckle"

Pom Pom Squad is made up Mia Berrin, Mari Alé Figelman, Shelby Keller, and Ethan Sass, and together they create grungy rock that burns with defiance while wearing its heart on its sleeve. Back in May, the NYC-based four-piece announced their sophomore EP, Ow, with lead single "Heavy Heavy" and this week, they've shared a second song called "Honeysuckle." "Honeysuckle" kicks off with a weighty bass-line and a scuzzy, '90s-inspired guitar line before Mia Berrin's gravel-dipped-in-honey vocals cut through the noise, as she thinks out loud: "If I'm nothing without you, am I anything at all?" Sounding both vintage and contemporary is not an easy balance to strike, but Pom Pom Squad does it well and leaves you wanting more.

5. Field Mouse - "Black Hole, Son"

Field Mouse is gearing up to release their third full-length record, Meaning, on August 16th via Topshelf records. Last month, they shared the luminous lead single, "Heart of Gold," followed by "In Blue," and today they're back with a new track called "Black Hole, Son." Despite its punny title, "Black Hole, Son" is more concerned with the inevitable end of the world than your average Soundgarden hit. Though much of songs on Meaning are tangled up in catastrophe, Field Mouse manage to find and convey a sense of peace through their warm, airy melodies and brightly infectious songs.

A bit about the track from guitarist, vocalist, and lead writer Rachel Browne:

"['Black Hole, Son'] is about a vision of the end of the world in something catastrophic, like a black hole. The verses deal with more earthly feelings of solitude and relationship tension, things which seem ridiculous when set against total annihilation. It is about going back and forth between fretting over micro things like social anxiety and freaking out about the literal end of the world."

The Brooklyn-and-Philly-based indie rock group (anchored by founding members Rachel Browne and Andrew Futral) has grown recently to include Saysha Heinzman, Tim McCoy, and Zoe Browne. Their particular brand of sometimes-scroungy-and-sometimes-spacious-but-always-melodic dream pop sounds fully fleshed out and more determined than ever before.

6. Jadu Heart - "Whitefang"

Jadu Heart's latest offering, "Whitefang" is as if the synesthetic experience of I-Tunes visualizer were sonified. It's a collage of airy synths, propulsive vocals, and kaleidoscope instrumentation morphs together and erupts into a cathartic breakdown. "Whitefang" offers an exhilarating preview of the young duo's debut album, Melt Away, set for release 8/16.


7. Baby Shakes - "Nowhere Fast"

Scrappy, catchy, and a little rough around the edges, Baby Shakes' new single, "Nowhere Fast," is an irresistible slice of garage pop filled to the brim with boppy vocals, surfy drumming, and scroungy guitar riffs. The NYC garage punks recently announced a new LP, Cause a Scene, due out 9/20.


Fresh Music Friday: 5 New Songs For Your Weekend

New music from Bonobo, JGrrey, Sam Fender, Elliot Lee, and Spirits Having Fun!



Fresh Music Friday is here to give you a breakdown of new singles, EPs, and albums to check out as you make your way into the weekend. Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new releases from those you already know and love.

1. Bonobo - "Linked"

Bonobo returns with a slow-burning, melodic single called "Linked" marking his first new music since "Ibrik," which he released back in January. "Linked" glows with a cosmic undercurrent, slowly colored in by flashes of vocal flourishes as it elevates into a deeply euphoric house beat. The UK producer's latest track comes alongside a tour announcement for a Summer/Fall run.

2. Sam Fender - "Will We Talk?"

English singer-songwriter Sam Fender released a raucous new cut from his upcoming debut LP, Hypersonic Missiles, due out in September. The new song,"Will We Talk?", is a relentlessly full-bodied rock'n'roll jam that's high-energy from the jump and doesn't let up any time throughout its nearly 3 minutes run time.

3. JGrrey - "Better Off"

Coming off the heels of her BBC Introducing Stage performance at Glastonbury, London singer JGrrey is back this week to drop another gorgeous single: "Better Off." Earlier this year JGrrey dropped her debut EP Grreydaze––a dazzling showcase of her unique brand of neo-soul, characterized by her South London-tinged vocals and dreamy, swirling instrumentation. This week, the rising star continued her streak with the silky Jarreau Vandal and Ed Thomas-produced track, and it looks like JGrrey is poised to become one of the most distinctive voices in neo-soul and R&B.

4. Elliot Lee - "Dirt"

Brooklyn-based Elliot Lee brings together stormy pop melodies, gritty vocals, and electronic instrumentation filled with dark energy to create her unique brand of bold, fearless homespun pop. Her latest single "Dirt," is propulsive and unpredictable and tracks the singer's frustration and disillusionment with the music industry's disillusioning tendencies.

5. Spirits Having Fun - "Gift Shopping"

Chicago-via-NYC post-punk outfit Spirits Having Fun features Katie McShane and members Jesse Heasly, Andrew Clinkman, and Phil Sudderber. Their debut LP Auto-Portrait (out via Ramp Local) melds together aspects of jazz, punk, ska, and synth pop to create wonky art rock that rattles with freneticism and belies conventional melodies in favor of wonderfully deconstructed ones, pushing and pulling against the confines of genre and structure alike. Today's lead single "Gift Shopping" taps into the same start-and-stop dynamics that mark much of the album's sound, but also spends some time stretching into the mellowed out in-between moments, too.


Fresh Music Friday: 8 New Releases You Should Know

New music from Clairo, Lucy Dacus, Summer Cannibals, Chela, Plastic Picnic, and more!

Hart Leshkina

Fresh Music Friday is here to give you a breakdown of new singles, EPs, and albums to check out as you make your way into the weekend.

Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new releases from those you already know and love.

1. Clairo - "Closer To You"

Pop Juggernaut and Flamin' Hot Cheetos enthusiast Clairo announced her forthcoming debut album, Immunity, back in May by sharing a luminous lead single called "Bags." This week, the Boston artist's second offering comes in the form of a new track called, "Closer To You," co-produced by former Vampire Weekend member, Rostam Batmanglij. "Closer To You" marks a departure from the twee sensibility of 2018's Diary 001 EP with a new sound wherein Clairo's voice is filtered through layers of syrupy autotune and punctuated by a moody, synthesized beat.

2. Lucy Dacus - "Forever Half Mast"

Over the past year, Lucy Dacus has been releasing songs that coincide with particular holidays––each equally or more poignant than the last––that will come together in an EP titled 2019, due out this Fall. For Valentine's Day, she put out "La Vie En Rose"; for Mother's Day, it was "My Mother & I." Her third single, "Forever Half Mast," is out this week and tackles America's fraught relationship with patriotism through the lens of the Fourth of July. Dacus adopts soft touches of Americana, bringing together a rootsy pedal steel guitar with a folksy melody, to drive home her point about the duality of shame and pride in the American experience on Independence Day.

3. Summer Cannibals - "Behave"

Portland's Summer Cannibals are putting out their anticipated fourth album, Can't Tell Me No, today via Tiny Engines. Ahead of the new LP, the band shared the album's third single, "Behave," a defiant reminder that no relationship should have you bend to fit another person's unrealistic expectations. Aligning with the album's theme of taking back power from manipulative situations, frontperson Jessica Boudreaux asserts: "Stop telling me to change / What if I can't behave / For you." Can't Tell Me No is out now via Tiny Engines.

4. Chela - "Losing Belief" Video

Melbourne's Chela (Chelsea Wheatley) recently announced an upcoming EP with a new gem of a synth-pop track called "Losing Belief" accompanied by wonderfully weird visuals. Built on a plinth of frenetic synths, "Losing Belief" is a heart-racing electro journey turned transcendent epiphany about regaining faith in yourself when you feel like you've lost hope in your artistic passions. The video––directed by Chela and produced by Tulay Dincel and Anthony Iacomella––invites the viewer into Chela's infectiously eccentric universe of workouts, surrealist costumes, and dance routines that fall somewhere in the intersection between Suspiria and Napolean Dynamite.

Chela says of the music video: "I wanted to convey the message of the song through the video and represent it in the form of religion. So I created an imaginary religion based on my logo and conceived the story of a friendship group losing belief/realizing the power of self together."

5. Plastic Picnic - "After You" Video

On Plastic Picnic's new single "After You," the band pairs glassy washes of '80s synth with breezy melodies and a heart-on-your-sleeve approach to lyricism. It only makes sense that the Hunter Airheart-directed visuals for the energetic yet melancholic track take place on a grey day at Rockaway Beach, interspersed with dramatic shots of crashing waves, sweeps of wind, and slow-motion close-ups. "After You" is the first in what is sure to be a string of beatific synth-pop tracks from Plastic Picnic's upcoming sophomore EP, Vistalite.

6. Little Slugger - "Impossible"

Brooklyn-via-Burlington powerpop duo, Little Slugger, is gearing up to put out a big, unabashed record, I Want To Live Here Forever, that tackles some of life's toughest existential transitions––from breakups to moving to a new city––and all of the ennui and excitement that trails along with it. Following the release of their first single "You're On Your Own," Little Slugger's second offering takes shape in a new, roomy track out this week called "Impossible." Their latest offering brings together sweeping vocal harmonies and crunchy guitars and showcases a killer ear for writing catchy hooks. I Want To Live Here Forever is out July 19th.

7. Jadu Heart - "Wanderlife"

UK Creative duo, Jadu Heart, is announcing a new album called Melt Away with the release of a dreamy new single, "Wanderlust." Jadu Heart––the moniker of masked twosome Dina and Faro––are melding together touches of electronica, folk, and soul to concoct incomparable and intoxicating ethereal sounds, at times reminiscent of the best of the early Beach House catalog. Their forthcoming LP was co-produced with Guy Sigworth (Bjork, Robyn), and it's the follow-up to their stunning 2016 debut EP, Wanderflower.

8. John Van Deusen - "Social Sucker"

Singer/songwriter John Van Deusen announced his new album (I Am) Origami Pt. 3 - A Catacomb Hymn with the new energetically honest song, "Whatever Makes You Mine," followed up by "Social Sucker." The latter is a bouncy power-pop anthem warning against the ills of social climbers looking for validation online; it's helmed by a sticky hook and fuses together the charms of '90s slacker rock with Van Deusen's easygoing vocal delivery. (I Am) Origami Pt. 3 - A Catacomb Hymn is out July 19th via Tooth & Nail Records.


Fresh Music Friday: 10 New Songs To Beat Summertime Sadness

New releases to heat up your weekend!


Fresh Music Friday is here to give you a breakdown of new singles, EPs, and albums to check out as you make your way into the weekend.

Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new releases from those you already know and love.

1. Lil Nas X - "Panini"

Lil Nas X isn't stopping anytime soon. In anticipation of his forthcoming EP, the country-rap pop sensation released a new single called "Panini," which incorporates Nirvana's "In Bloom."

2. Mark Ronson - "Pieces Of Us" Feat. King Princess

Mark Ronson's new album, Late Night Feelings, is out this week and features an impressive list of features from artists like Camila Cabello, Lykke Li, and Miley Cyrus. The legendary producer tapped singer/songwriter King Princess for the soulful, atmospheric single "Pieces of Us."

3. Spoon - "No Bullets Spent"

Everyone's favorite indie rock band, Spoon, is gearing up to put out an album of greatest hits called Everything Hits At Once that will feature 12 classics, plus a new song entitled "No Bullet Spent." The new track harnesses much of the same laid back, melodic energy that made the early Spoon records so lovable and compliments the early Spoon catalog well.

4. Devendra Banhart - "Kantory Ongaku"

Devendra Banhart recently announced that he has a new album in the works entitled Ma, and this week he shared the first single from the new collection, "Kantori Ongaku." It's a quintessentially mellow Banhart track with lackadaisical vocals to match and, according to the singer, it's an homage to Japanese musician Haruomi Horsono. Ma is out September 13th on Nonesuch.

5. Sheer Mag - "Blood From A Stone"

Philadelphia shredders Sheer Mag are back with the first glimpse of their upcoming sophomore album, A Distant Call, by sharing a blistering new single called "Blood From A Stone." Relentless and riff-heavy as always, "Blood From A Stone" is a promising glimpse of Sheer Mag tapping into their unbridled potential on the forthcoming record to secure their status as one of the most exciting rock bands in the game. A Distant Call is out August 23rd on Wilsuns RC.

6. Caroline Polachek- "Door"

For the first time, Caroline Polachek (formerly of Chairlift) has released a new solo song under her full name. The new track is called "Door" and showcases Polachek's signature airy falsetto, which floats through a bright, chirpy hook uplifted by scuttling synthesized beats. The song is accompanied by a seriously enchanting music video co-directed by Polachek and Matt Copson.

7. Beeef - "I'm So Sorry" (featuring Sidney Gish)

Allston indie rock quartet, Beeef, teamed up with DIY juggernaut Sidney Gish to put out a new single called "I'm So Sorry." It's a breezy but heartfelt coming-of-age track helmed by Beeef's jangly melodic sound and Gish's bittersweet vocal delivery. "I'm So Sorry" is Beeef's lead single from their upcoming sophomore LP entitled Bull in the Shade, due out July 26th.

8. The Ocean Blue - "It Takes So Long"

Dream pop legends The Ocean Blue are back with their first new album in six years––Kings and Queens / Knaves and Thieves. "It Takes So Long" is the last single from the LP and it hearkens back to the band's '80s new wave sound while presenting a fresh spin on nostalgic indie pop. "It Takes So Long" weaves Schlezel's effortlessly emotive vocals with the band's jangly guitar melodies awash in warm tones; the result is a dreamy, seraphic tune. Kings and Queens / Knaves and Thieves is out now via Korda records.

9. HUNJIYA - "give it/what i get"

HUNJIYA aka Alice Kim's latest offering comes in the form of a new single called "give it/what i get," the follow-up to her 2017 EP, Lineage. On the new song, the 21-year-old artist deftly creates an atmospheric soundscape by combining soulful vocals with her enticing production skills.

10. REYNA - "The Way I Loved You"

If you're craving some more sugar rush pop and have exhausted listening to the latest Carly Rae Jepsen album, you might want to look to REYNA. The Milwaukee-based Mexican-American sister-duo is back with another glossy, '80s-inspired electro-pop song. Their new track "The Way I Loved You" continues their string of infectious, glimmering pop following previously released singles "Cool With It," "Baby Forget It" and "Heartbeat." Here's what Reyna had to say about the song: "TWILY is about wanting to love someone new with that same intensity, without caution or fear. But it's almost impossible because every new relationship you're more and more guarded. It's almost like you're protecting your heart instead of letting yourself fall in love."


All the Best New Music for the Weekend of June 7th

New music from Jay Som, Whitney, GoldLink, (Sandy) Alex G, and more!

Jay Som

Lindsey Byrnes

Fresh Music Friday is here to give you a breakdown of new singles, EPs, and albums to check out as you make your way into the weekend.

Get ready to jam out with some of our favorite up-and-coming artists, plus celebrate new releases from those you already know and love.


1. Jay Som - "Superbike"

Jay Som (a.k.a Melina Duterte) announced her sophomore album, Anak Ko, by sharing a new single. On "Superbike," Jay Som channels '80s dream-pop into a shoegazey tune swirled together with fuzzy guitar work and a bittersweet chorus. Plus, the accompanying visuals feature nostalgic shots of the open road to match the song's nostalgic atmosphere. About "Superbike," Duterte explained that she hoped to harness the sounds of "Cocteau Twins and Alanis Morisette," and it's safe to say she succeeded. Anak Ko is out August 23rd via Polyvinyl.

2. Whitney - "Giving Up"

Chicago's indie-folk-rock outfit, Whitney, are gearing up to put out a new record, Forever Turned Around, the follow up to 2016's acclaimed Light Upon A Lake. This week, they shared a new, cozy single called "Giving Up." On the new song, Whitney rounds out their warm, folksy sound with a bright horn section, soulful vocals, and a big, jammy breakdown. Despite its wistful lyrics, "Giving Up" feels like a deep exhale, the perfect musical accompaniment to a sunny morning or a summer storm. Forever Turned Around is out August 30th via Secretly Canadian.

3. GoldLink - "U Say" (featuring Tyler, The Creator and Jay Prince)

GoldLink announced his forthcoming album Diaspora, and this week he teamed up with Tyler, The Creator and Jay Prince in a new track called "U Say." Diaspora is out June 12th via Squaaash Club/RCA Records.

4. Tei Shi - "A Kiss Goodbye"

Tei Shi (real name: Valerie Teicher) returns with a new song called "A Kiss Goodbye," the first single from her forthcoming LP. She melds together Latin influences and modern trap beats, breathing life into a gently-shuffling, Brazilian-inspired rhythm. This is her first music since appearing on Blood Orange's "Hope" and marks her first solo project since 2017's Crawl Space.

5. (Sandy) Alex G - "Gretel"

Alex G introduced his newest album, House of Sugar, with a new song and video for "Gretel." He layers sped-up vocals, gnarled guitars and off-kilter strings over one another to create a track that is––in typical Alex G fashion––equal parts eerie and charming. House of Sugar is out September 13th via Domino.

6. Arthur Moon - "Homonormo"

"Homonormo" is the latest offering from the experimental electro-pop group, Arthur Moon. On their new song, the Brooklyn group (fronted by Lora-Faye Åshuvud alongside collaborators Cale Hawkins and Martin D. Fowler) strikes the perfect balance between eccentricity and infectious avant-pop. Foll owing the deconstructed pop sound of "I Feel Better," "Homonorno" is gorgeous and expansive, leaving plenty of room for Åshuvud's loping vocals to color in the song's spaced-out melody. The new single comes ahead of their debut self-titled, out in July via Vinyl Me, Please.

7. Yung Bae - "Must Be Love"

Portland-based producer Yung Bae has a new album in the works, and today he shares his new luminous single "Must Be Love." With nods to disco and funk, "Must Be Love" swirls together a palette of colorful synths and 70's vocal samples. The song builds up to a vibrant peak and then transforms into a euphoric drop, making it the perfect summertime jam.

8. Wild Mercury - "Orange County"

This week, Montreal-based rockers Wild Mercury shared a new track called "Orange County." Though initially starting as a folk group, Wild Mercury adopt a grittier edge in their new song, combining euphoric pop energy with a full-bodied blues-rock sound.


9. The Bliss - Heaven If You Want It

Vocalist Chelsea Davenport and producer Felix Snow came together in a new venture called The Bliss, and together they created hook-driven electro-pop that pushes sonic boundaries. Their songs are ultra-catchy and feel radio-ready thanks to Snow's crisp production skills and Davenport's captivating vocals. Vibrant singles, like " Shiny Days," dazzle and complement one another when heard in succession on their debut EP, Heaven If You Want It.


10. Stef Chura - "Scream"

Detroit's Stef Chura is sure to be the angsty cheerleader of your dreams in her new video for "Scream." The visuals find the Detroit indie-rocker shredding in a high school gymnasium decked out in a Bring-It-On-approved outfit, as she channels the sound of early Liz Phair in her riff-heavy rocker "Scream." Chura's new record, Midnight, is out now via Saddle Creek.