Emma Webb releases new EP "Best Friend"

Meet your new bestie Emma Webb, whose debut EP, Best Friend, is a mellow, compassionate diary of memories and feelings.

The British singer-songwriter was inspired by Ed Sheeran's "Castle on the Hill," with his production and aura sparking her imagination for the new release. Webb beautifully explains, "My underlying theme is all about honesty, vulnerability and love. I hope there's a theme of kindness that runs through my music too, because lord knows we could do with more kindness in the world!"

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TV Features

"I May Destroy You" Is Your Guide to Being a Trauma-Informed Friend

Watching Michaela Coel's 'I May Destroy You' may be cathartic for the too many that have experienced trauma, but it's also a beautiful lesson in friendship.

Michaela Coel Hug GIF by HBO
I May Destroy You / Screenshot from YouTube.com

While the show itself could be considered triggering because of its intimate tango with sexual trauma, Michaela Coel's I May Destroy You is spot on in its depiction of the inner, outer, and everything in-between forms that trauma morphs into as it takes life hostage.

The show revolves around the stories of three complex characters battling their own angels and demons: Arabella, a Ghanaian woman loosely-based on Coel IRL, her friend Kwame, a Ghanaian gay-identifying male, and Terry, her best friend. All three experience nuanced forms of sexual trauma and deal differently.

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LeyeT Salutes True Friendship on "Notice You"

Love and affection for those who fill up our lives.


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Meet LeyeT (pronounced "light"), who just released the music video for "Notice You," the first single from her forthcoming sophomore EP.

Explaining the inspiration for the song, LeyeT says, "This song is about giving someone recognition; letting them know that they are seen, noticed, and appreciated. In the music video that pairs [with the song], I highlight one of my best friends whose story, drive and light really inspire me. Her bright energy is undeniable yet as I got to know her, I learned that the light she radiates is not one marked without profound loss or everyday struggle."

LeyeT - Notice You [Official Music Video]youtu.be

After making her debut in 2017 with "Don't Make Me Cry," which topped Spotify's Fresh Finds, along with alighting on Spotify's US and Global Viral charts, LeyeT followed up with "Long Way" and "Like You More," both of which hit number one on Hype Machine, and "Let Me Know," which was featured on Spotify's New Music Friday.

"Notice You" opens on warm guitar tones topped by LeyeT's evocative voice. Iridescent washes of synths fill the tune with luminous colors, as the potent rhythm escalates.

The highlight of the song is LeyeT's enchanting tones shaping her moving lyrics: "I was sick of making empty conversation / Cause I only heard of fake communication, yeah / Suddenly you got me looking up / Honestly it's like waking up."

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