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The Official 2020 Apocalypse Gift Guide

Because not even the end times can interfere with consumerism.

The holidays can be a stressful time.

What with the travel, the family drama, the global pandemic, and the militia groups threatening to upend our democracy, it might start to seem like the world is about to fall apart around you. Also, the world might really be about to fall apart around you. Suddenly the "preppers" who spend all their time getting ready for some imagined doomsday don't seem so crazy.

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Music Lists

7 Great Holiday Gifts for Music Lovers

We're here to make your holiday shopping a little easier.

Whether you're ready or not, the holiday season is on the horizon.

While this year's celebrations are sure to feel a little different than your normal holiday gatherings, gifts—whether exchanged in-person or long distance—are still a welcome way to help detract from the constant mess that is 2020. But gift shopping can be difficult even under normal circumstances, which is why we're here to help.

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It's that time of year again... Actually, you know what? It's past that time of year again. You're just a bit behind on that Holiday shopping season and it's crunch time. And you know what else? You've got someone in your life who, regardless of age, can't stop watching cartoons (and crying), playing video games (and crying) and–of course–telling you about all of it. And yet...

You still don't know what to buy.

Q: How could someone with such obvious interests be so hard to shop for?

A: There's just far too much stuff out there.

So, we've cut out the guesswork for and prepared a Nerd/Gamer/Weeb/Enthusiast-certified buying guide for your last minute gift-giving needs.

Super Pixel of My Childhood T-Shirt


$14 on

A delightful slice of gaming history rolled into one neat graphic tee. No text and a black background ensure a versatility and lack of corniness rare in gaming merch.

Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier

$7 on Amazon

Winner of the 2017 Eisner Award for best children's publication, this beautiful graphic novel focuses on the tale of a young girl exploring the mysterious past. Also there's ghosts and other supernatural stuff, so, like, hell yeah.

Eleven "Friends Don't Lie" Enamel Pin

AhoyKollektiv on Etsy

$11 on Etsy

Is there anyone left who doesn't love Stranger Things? Probably not. This subtle pin will look great on anyone's backpack or denim jacket.


$44.99 on ThinkGeek

You probably saw this trending on Twitter, but there's still time to grab this amazing Jon Snow cloak/backpack for the fashion-forward Thrones fan in your life.

Fallout Chess Set


$47.99 on

The gnarly colors of the Wasteland come to life with this figurine-based chess set. Knocks ghouls into power armor and power armor into Death Claws, or something.

World of Warcraft: The Official Cookbook

Simon and Schuster/Blizzard

$18.40 on Amazon

Whether you're baking brownies for the Horde or snickerdoodles for those Alliance fools, once and current players of Blizzard's MMO epic are sure to love this surprisingly thorough cookbook from Chelsea Monroe-Cassel.

Xbox Design Lab

$70-100 on Xbox Design Lab

Let your player play in style. Custom controllers direct from Microsoft can be made to match a sports team, color scheme or even their favorite TV show.


$129.99 on ThinkGeek

Another World of Warcraft gift? Yes. But just another World of Warcraft gift? Absolutely not. The robe you'll never want to leave the house, but if you did you'd look good in.

Pull up with any of these gifts to your Secret Santa, White Elephant or office Christmas party and you're bound to get some stoic nods of respect from the nerds in your life. Maybe next year, start your shopping a little earlier and get them a signed copy of Watchmen or a collectors edition DVD of The Last Jedi.

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Holiday Gift Guide | Fly By Midnight gives us some suggestions

Stumped on what to get your friend, S/O, or family member? These boys have your back.

Atwood Magazine

Fly By Midnight here to give you our top gifts to get your people these fine holidays.

It's that time of year again! Over crowded malls and stores, back ordered hot ticket items, hours of walking aimlessly around the mall only to remain stumped as to get that one friend that you barely see, but who gifts you every single year. The holidays are here and whether you're shopping for Christmas, Hanukkah, or otherwise it can be stressful to figure out how to express your appreciation for a loved one in present form. No worries because Fly By Midnight has got you covered.

Remember Justin and Slavo from Fly By Midnight, the smooth singing pop duo taking over the internet? Well, they're back! Having just released their single "Malibu" last week and "Vibe" earlier this year, there's no stopping them. This year, Fly By Midnight got into the holiday spirit by releasing their own Christmas song: "Wonderful Christmastime." I'm here for it. Think about Mariah, Bieber, and NSYNC even... they all have banging Christmas jams and now you can listen to Justin and Slavo croon away this holiday season- and honestly would we have it any other way?

Listen to "Wonderful Christmastime" here.

Now that you're spreading holiday cheer and singing loud for all to hear, check out Justin and Slavo's personal gift recommendations. Holiday shopping is hard, but they make it easy with this honest and easy shopping list.

Best gift to give someone you have to give a gift to...

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