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The Best Dragon Ball Movies, RANKED

Which Dragon Ball movie has the highest power level?

Broli - Itz_Stuff


Ever since the late '80s, Dragon Ball has been the anime of choice for people who enjoy watching impossibly buff dudes beat up other impossibly buff dudes.

While almost all of Dragon Ball's most beloved story arcs come from the mainline series, wherein epic intergalactic battles play out across dozens of episodes, there's a special joy to the far more concise spin-off movies, too. Typically non-canon, the Dragon Ball movies introduce fresh villains and some of the coolest no-holds-barred fights in the franchise, all without the added bloat of 15 "Powering Up" episodes. But of all the many, many, many Dragon Ball movies, which reigns supreme?

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The "Dragon Ball" Funimation Leak Drama Is Peak Toxic Twitter

Inappropriate audio footage recorded in-character by the English Dragon Ball dub voice over cast leaked from Funimation. Then sh*t really hit the fan.


Twitter is a toxic wasteland where niches within already niche fan communities can c*rclejerk amongst themselves until they're convinced that their view on the day's drama is objectively correct.

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