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9 Celebrities Who Need to Get Vaccinated (for Our Mental Health)

As COVID vaccines start to roll out, we're hoping these famous people don't hesitate to get immunized.

On Wednesday Lord of the Rings actor Sir Ian McKellen received his first dose of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and said that he felt "euphoric."

Frankly, we felt the same way. At 81 years old McKellen is in a high-risk category for a severe case of COVID. Knowing that the beloved actor and gay rights activist is on his way to immunity is one small anxiety we can remove from the heaping pile of fear and tragedy that has been growing since March.

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Have you noticed the state of things lately?

They're not great. Frankly, the world kind of seems to be falling apart, what with the global pandemic and Great Depression-levels of unemployment. We could all really use some cheerful, brainless distraction from, you know, everything. And what's the best, most cheerful, and brainless form of distraction known to man? What a dumb question. It's obviously Christmas movies.

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From Sitcom to Cereal – ‘The Golden Girls’ are Now for Breakfast

The round blue bites bring a retro touch to the kitchen table.

Fans of the 80s sitcom, The Golden Girls, can now have breakfast with those four funny senior citizens!

While reruns of the show still air all the time, life just got a little sweeter for those who can't get enough of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia.

Thanks to Funko, a brand devoted to all things pop culture, there's a brand-new, limited-time breakfast cereal being sold exclusively at Target. As per Today Food, "A representative for Funko (said) that Target started selling the cereal on Sept. 30, with a price tag of $7.99 per box, and it's already been flying off the shelves (and pretty hard to find) at several locations." Eight bucks for a box of cereal isn't cheap, but when it comes to supply and demand, fans of the show and sugary cereal are willing to shell it out.

But is the cereal any good? The color, shape, and taste has been described as "a monochrome version of Fruit Loops, with thick 'Os' in a peculiar shade of blue." The box claims they're multigrain, so at least there's some nutritional value in every bowl. Inside each box comes a tiny toy – a miniature figurine that somewhat resembles Rose, the character so memorably played by the iconic Betty White.

It's been 25 years since the last episode of The Golden Girls premiered, but the love for the ladies and their kitchen table talks hasn't gone away. The folks at Funko may have had their hearts (or their wallets) in the right place when they came up with this kooky cereal, but perhaps they could have formulated a more fitting flavor. Doesn't everyone know that those grey-haired gals were crazy for cheesecake? Till then, head to Target to see if it's still stocked with The Golden Girls cereal. And don't forget to slurp up all that sweet blue milk at the bottom of your bowl!

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