INTERVIEW | The Seductive Power of gv.grace

Art/Pop Duo Spiritually Aligned with Enya.

Photo Courtesy gv.grace

Meet gv.grace, a synth-pop band based in Los Angeles.

A duo, gv.grace, is made up of Genevieve Dymond and Griff Dymond. Before relocating to Los Angeles, Genevieve and Griff were part of two bands in Denver - Paper Bird, an indie-folk orchestra, and Inner Oceans, an art-rock project. Inner Oceans will be releasing new music soon. Earlier this year, gv.grace dropped their tantalizing Heaven Mouth EP.

Their new music video, "F**K Golf," directed by Elise Mesner, along with Michael Atallah, is scrumptiously spicy, sardonic, and tongue in cheek. It's one of the most creative and innovative videos in a long, long time.

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