Halloween Costumes That Only Make Sense In 2020

Halloween is undoubtedly going to look a lot different this year.

Halloween is undoubtedly going to look a lot different this year.

It remains to be seen how Trick-or-Treaters are gonna fare this Halloween, but if your family plans to do any sort of festivities this year, there remain plenty of costume ideas. The whirlwind of 2020 has left no surprises, but from the death of Kobe Bryant to the everyday dealings of the White House's Commander-and-Chief, there remain plenty of figures to mimic and pay homage to. Here are some of the best costumes for 2020's unusual Halloween.

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The Creepiest Movie Scores in Horror History

Spooky season is upon us.

What's a good scary movie without an equally spooky score?

Great horror can't always rely just on blood, demons, and jump scares. It takes a village—or, rather, the addition of a good composer—to create films that hold the power of keeping their viewers awake at night, and one of the most effective ways to instill fear is with a soundtrack.

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The 5 Most Disturbing Haunted Houses in America

Are they real? Who cares?

Miami New Times

Everyone has heard of the murder-hotel where dark shadows creep at the edge of your vision, or the abandoned house where the furniture moves each time you leave the room.

But sometimes the places set up to capture the fun and fright of the Halloween season for paying customers can be far more horrifying than any ghost stories. These "fake" haunted houses will leave you genuinely haunted.

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