How Hint Became My Hangover Cure

Stock up for parties and for morning-afters.

My New Year's Resolution is to be healthier, but as everyone who likes to go out and dance knows, the new year really begins on January 2nd because the 1st is for hangovers.

I had good intentions, but I didn't know how to tackle it. I was exhausted from work, and I ate too many French fries, I didn't exercise, I never drank water - it was all bad.

I knew staying hydrated would be my key to unlocking all the other positive habits. The only problem is I don't like water! I never have.

On New Year's Eve, I was getting ready at my friend Holly's apartment, putting on too much glitter, when I noticed she was drinking bottles of Hintflavored water in between her alcoholic drinks. I asked to try one, and she opened her pantry closet, revealing stacks of bundles.

"I'm obsessed," she said. They're free of sugars, preservatives, and sweeteners. She receives a bimonthly delivery with all her favorite flavors. I thought I'd try one in my go-to flavor: Cherry.

I took one and instantly loved it. It was as refreshing as water but had a really tasty flavor to it. I drank it throughout the night, along with a pomegranate one ( that I added some vodka to, not gonna lie).

There were 4 of us at her place, and we demolished a case throughout the night.

When the clock struck midnight, we had just gotten started. We partied so late and had glitter all over our faces by the time we got back to Holly's. I grabbed a bottle of Lemon Hint water for my bedside, and when I woke up around 11, I chugged it.

I liked lemon water, and this was just a step more convenient. As I got up to see what my hair looked like, I had a moment of clarity; I felt less hungover!

From drinking Hint all night and in the morning, I had staved off what I thought was inevitable and felt amazing starting the new year on the right foot.

My friend Megan and I made scrambled eggs for everybody, and then we all went for a walk outside since it was so nice out. It was a beautiful New Year's Day, and I made a plan to do some yoga that night.

I also decided to sign up for a Hintwater subscription. It's absolutely my hangover cure, but I like it so much, it keeps me hydrated daily (when I now know why I've been low-key dehydrated for so long).

I also like that I can build my subscription deliveries by choosing my favorite flavors (I like them all, but Cherry and Watermelon are the best). It's so convenient having it delivered to my door, I never "forget" to pick it up and be healthy!

Hint's great for anyone trying to drink more water, or anyone looking for healthy alternatives to avoid all the sugar in soda or juice! Thanks to Hint, this will be my first year I didn't cave on my New Year's resolution too soon.

Update: Hint is extending a special offer to my readers! Follow this link to get 36 bottles for only $36!