If You Haven't Bought a Meal Kit, This Black Friday Deal Will Change Your Mind

This Black Friday, Gift Yourself HelloFresh, From: You, To: You

Editor's note: HelloFresh has informed us that their Black Friday sale is extended!

The holiday season--a time for old friends, family gossip, and most importantly: food. As soon as the Halloween candy runs out, you have Thanksgiving leftovers in the fridge and sugar cookies and gift baskets on the counter for what feels like months. Indulging in the flavors of the holiday season is important (because tradition, also it tastes good). However, do it without making yourself sick by spending some time cooking real food.

This Black Friday, act fast to get $90 off with HelloFresh(that's worth 9 free meals). It's a meal kit that arrives on your doorstep once a week, providing you healthy, tasty recipes and ingredients you cook yourself.

Granted, it's not the typical Black Friday purchase. When you think of Black Friday, stampedes in stores hunting for electronics and clothes might sound more familiar. Some people live for the hectic retail adrenaline, but sometimes the self-improving, experiential gifts surprise you and end up being the best ones.

HelloFresh is one of those self-improvement gifts, and with their best offer of the year, it's time to treat yourself to something. You might be buying presents for others, but at least a couple of gift tags should read "from: you, to: you." It's a win-win--it's a fun, hands-on gift, but also one that can keep you feeling healthy during a season when you're expected to taste every pie on the table.

If you're one of these types of people below, HelloFreshjust might be for you this Black Friday:

1. The Professional Who's Too Busy for Everything

If you're someone who's too busy to even know where their nearest grocery store is, HelloFresh is for you. It takes only 30 minutes from opening the box to picking up the fork, so anyone can schedule a meal for 1/48th of their day. If you're going out of town, it's easy to skip a delivery with no charge, so even those with erratic schedules can make it work.

2. The Aspiring Chef

If you're obsessed with photographing food, saving recipes, and watching the cooking channel, but you end up barely cooking anything...it's time to change that. Every week there's 21+ different recipes to choose from that have been curated by Hellofresh's chefs, just for you.

Anyone who loves food is going to feel like a chef cooking the "Apricot Balsamic-Glazed Pork Tenderloin with Ginger Rice" or HelloFresh's "Butternut Squash Agnolotti in a Sage Brown Butter Sauce." Plus, the detailed recipe cards make it super easy for rookies.

3. The Family with a Newborn (sshhhhh)

Those congratulatory casseroles can only last for so long. If your family is still navigating how to leave home with a stroller, diaper bag, and an extra set of clothes in tow, a HelloFreshdinner that arrives right at your door might be your saving grace. Plus, everything is pre-portioned, so there's minimal prep and chopping required.

4. The Clueless in the Kitchen

Even if the height of your culinary skills is making toast, you could easily learn some new skills with HelloFresh's easy-to-follow recipes. No major culinary techniques, like braising or deep-frying, will ever be required. You mainly just need to know how to turn on the stovetop and follow instructions, and you'll be surprised how much you actually learn over the course of a couple weeks.

5. Recent Mover

If you've just moved to a new house or apartment and you're still getting used to your surroundings, HelloFresh is a great way to get into a healthy routine in your new home. Plus, you won't have to worry about trying to find your way around the local grocery store for ingredients. HelloFresh even has add-ons like garlic bread or different deserts--everything you need for the perfect night in your new home.

6. Empty Nester

People say it's harder to cook for less people, and that's definitely the case after your kids have moved out or are off to college. Luckily, HelloFresh makes it easy to cook for a smaller table, pre-portioning ingredients and servings. And if you're having friends over one week or the kids are back in town, HelloFresh even allows you to add additional recipes to your box for just that week, making it super customizable.

7. Anyone with Taste Buds

Honestly, anyone can cook, meaning HelloFresh is for everyone to try out. Plus, the recipes are lauded for being easy to follow, so it's accessible to anyone who's interested in a taste test. There's now over 21 recipes a week to choose from. They have veggie options, gourmet recipes and even a selection of low calorie options.

Mark your calendars for Black Friday. When there are so many deals, you'll want to take advantage of this one. Plus, they're offering $90 off including free shipping, so there's no better time to give yourself a gift. After carving the turkey, carve out one night a week to experiment with new foods by ordering HelloFresh on Black Friday.

Cyber Week Sale! The folks at HelloFresh have a special offer for our readers.Follow this link to get 9 meals free including free shipping!