Have you ever decided you were going to do something good for yourself and start cooking at home? What's not to love - you save money by not buying food out, and maybe even save a few calories by not adding so much oil and sugar into the meals. But that is not the end of the story. First, you have to plan what to eat, then you have to find time to get the ingredients and then you realize the recipe you found takes an hour to make, and who has time for that?

I tried HelloFresh for the first time last week and it beat my expectations! I received the box with 3 meals - an Onion Griddle Burger, Pineapple Salsa Barramundi and Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowl. See below for my attempt (and success!) at making the Chipotle Chicken Rice Bowl.

Step 1: Preparation is the name of the game

The recipe card provided for each meal is easy to follow because it offers both the written out instructions for those people who like things to be exact and pictures for us visual learners! I started by chopping, or dicing, who knows, all the produce. This was a great tip and set me up for success!

sweet potatoes, limes, onion, cilantro and tomatoes on a cutting board

Step 2: Set it and forget about it

Next, I roasted the sweet potatoes and onion for a total of 25 minutes in a combo of some olive oil and southwestern seasoning. I am not going to lie, these ended up being the highlight of the entire meal, but that may just be me and my obsession with veggies.

spiced sweet potatoes and onions on a tray

Step 3: Let's get cooking

This was when the real cooking began. All back-to-back I put the rice on to boil (that's boring so I didn't document it), made a super easy chipotle crema and pan seared the chicken. I know it sounds complicated, but everything was so easy. The chicken just needed some seasonings and the crema was as simple as mixing some sour cream with salt, pepper, chipotle seasoning, and lime juice. The whole part took 5 minutes.

chipotle crema in a cup with a fork

Step 4: Wait, we're already done?

I know, I couldn't believe it either. In 30 minutes (35 if you include making it pretty in the bowl) I had a meal that would've taken me 3 hours to plan, get ingredients for and cook had I been left alone to figure it out. And let me tell you - it was so good. I ended up eating both portions that the meal made, but I hadn't eaten lunch that day so it's okay, right?

chicken with crema and vegetables in a blue bowl

I cannot say enough good things about HelloFresh. If you find yourself having trouble successfully making dinner regularly for whatever reason, HelloFresh is your answer. You can choose what you want to eat for that week, everything is delivered right to your door and the recipes are so easy. I look forward to cooking at night now, and even my friends ask to come over for dinner all the time! I am looking forward to all the meals to come and I hope you are too.

chicken with crema and veggies in a blue bowl with a blue tablecloth

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Ever wonder how successful, on-the-go influencers are able to do it all and still find the time to make a wholesome, home cooked meal everyday? Something doesn't quite add up there, right? It's all about being prepared -- but who has the time? We're here to let you in on a little secret: meal kits. These little boxes of heaven are changing the way busy people everywhere eat dinner, and there's one that stands miles above the rest. There's a reason why everybody is talking about HelloFresh. It's a convenient meal kit subscription that offers a ton of delicious recipes that are easy to make and absolutely delicious. Got questions? We get it. Here's all of your burning questions about what it's really like to use HelloFresh, answered.

Why A Meal Kit?

Who wants the stress of having to go grocery shopping, do recipe research and then meal prep on top of that? No one! HelloFresh can give you all of that home cooked goodness -- without the stress and hours of prep. They send you perfectly portioned ingredients and detailed recipe cards that allow you to make a delicious home cooked meal from scratch, and most meals take around 30 minutes. If you're trying to channel your inner MasterChef and develop your cooking skills, you can opt for delicious gourmet options, like Sirloin Steak and Mustard Shallot Cream Sauce that take only 40 minutes. Or if you're in a hurry, they have quicker, 20 minute options like the Pulled Pork Fiesta Bowl -- fresh food, fast without the guilt of fast food.

Is It Better For Me And Cheaper Than Takeout?

Yes and yes. Every week, HelloFresh lets you choose from 17 wordly recipes that include a wide variety of fresh produce. All of the nutritional information is listed on their website, so you'll always be able to keep track of exactly what you're eating if you're counting calories. The recipes are all curated by chefs and you can see how highly they are rated by the customers who have tried them before. Their robust menu features both vegetarian and calorie smart options, like Mediterranean Baked Veggies that has just 500 calories per serving -- a third of your go-to Chinese take out. Plus, meals start from just $6.99 a person!

What Are People Saying?

Customers leave a ton of positive reviews, because they really have something for everyone. They even offer Veggie and Family plans, so it's no wonder HelloFresh has become a staple in so many influencers' daily lives.

Subscription? I'm scared.

Don't be!! HelloFresh is designed to make your life easier. You'll never have to worry about having ingredients to make dinner, plus the pre portioned ingredients means less food waste. You control everything from what recipes you get, to when your box will be delivered. Plus, you can switch up or pause your plan at any time, so a subscription is nothing to fear!

There you have it: HelloFresh is the secret to eating home cooked meals when you're stuck for time. There's always new and exciting recipes to try, and they have options for the whole family. Sometimes, things are popular for a reason. When it comes to HelloFresh, you've heard so much about it because it works! It's America's #1 meal kit because people can depend on it to provide fresh, quality meals every week.

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get 8 meals free and free delivery!

Recently, I've heard about all these dinner-delivery kits that show up on your doorstep with pre-planned dinners and groceries, neatly organized and ready to cook. I thought maybe they could save me some much needed time and energy to make my life easier. Over the past few years, making dinner has become a chore. I used to like to cook, but recently, I've been too tired to decide what to make for dinner, and my husband and I revert to the same boring meals every day. I tried a few dinner delivery services first, but HelloFresh, which came recommended by a friend (greatly appreciated), totally changed my lifestyle.

HelloFresh recipes take only 30 minutes, and the dinners are fresh and delicious. My husband, is a simple steak-and-potatoes guy, and I like my salmon and veggies, so we needed something simple and versatile. Some of the other meal-kits had me chopping vegetables for 20 minutes and spending more time cooking than I'd planned for. But HelloFresh allowed me to cook my dinner stress-free and with very little setup and cleanup.

Every HelloFresh meal comes in mini boxes perfectly packed with everything I need for each recipe. Each box fits neatly in my fridge, and it's ready to go when I'm ready to cook. It helps me break the cycle of just grabbing a bag of chips and plopping on the couch.

We like the Classic Plan, which provides 3 nights of dinner for two people each week. I am picky when it comes to veggies; I like them colorful and crispy, but off-season grocery store specials can make this challenging. The HelloFresh veggies were just the way I like them—beautiful orange carrots, green broccoli, and red tomatoes.

My favorite recipe was the Shrimp Burgers with Sriracha Mayo and Carrot Fries. I followed the instructions and found the burgers, including the sriracha mayo, to be surprisingly delicious. The recipe called for a brioche bun that we warmed in the oven for 5 minutes before. It was heaven: just like when you get to the bakery first thing in the morning. The carrot fries were something I never would have thought up on my own. We sliced the carrots so they looked like orange french fries, drizzled them with olive oil, a pinch of salt and pepper, and baked them for 15 minutes— that was it. Easy peasy. Altogether it was a wonderful meal, and even the cooking part was fun.

I tried HelloFresh with hopes it would save me time, but it's actually helped me get back into cooking. I don't have time to be a gourmet chef or the energy to come up with creative meals, but I want to eat healthy, and live a more balanced lifestyle, something HelloFresh helped me to accomplish with ease. The quality of produce was just as fresh as my farmer's market, and they have really good meats. Plus, their website offers a variety of plans and dietary options, and they allow you to turn on and off delivery each week or pause your account. And you can cancel at anytime.

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers.Follow this link to get $80 OFF including FREE shipping on the first box!