New month, new things to watch on Netflix.

In the month of March, Netflix will usher in an array of films to make your spring cleaning endeavors a little more entertaining. From comedy to drama and everything in between, here are just nine of the best movies hitting Netflix in March that we can't wait to stream.

Corpse Bride

Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny Depp voice the leading couple in Tim Burton's animated feature, in which a dude accidentally marries a dead lady. Spooky!

Culture Feature

Dear White People: AAVE Is an Actual Dialect, Not Your "Stan Culture"

Using a Black dialect isn't a meme—it's cultural appropriation.

As Black Lives Matter protests have rightfully taken the world by storm over the past couple of months, we're long overdue for thorough evaluations of just how often aspects of Black heritage have been co-opted by white audiences.

It should be obvious that much of fashion and music as we know it today was invented by Black people. We (hopefully) all know by now that we can no longer accept Blackface and use of the n-word by non-Black people as the norm—and Internet users have tried "canceling" offenders in the public eye, with varying degrees of success.

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