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The Coolest Moms In The Whole Wide World

How Millennial Moms Are Changing The Game and Romanticizing … Cleaning? With the help of your favorite celebs, of course

Rihanna, the coolest mom in the whole wide world

Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock

A new generation of moms is emerging. A generation that was shaped by Amy Poehler in Mean Girls (2004) spreading the gospel of being a “cool mom.” A generation that’s been inundated by mommy influencers who make childbearing chic. A generation influenced by Rihanna’s belly-baring pregnancy outfits.

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TikTok Home Decor Trends You Can Actually Pull Off

Can we all have Dakota Johnson's viral Hollywood home? No. But some TikTok trends can help us get close.

Dakota Johnson, her green kitchen, her limes

Back in the nascent stages of TikTok, when it was still almost exclusively teenagers dancing in their bedrooms in their parents' homes, TikTok "home decor" pretty much amounted to LED lights and posters barely a step up from the torn J-14 and Teen Beat pages of yore.

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