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The Rise and Fall of QAnon—the Wildest Conspiracy Theory of the Trump Era

Q-believers are finally beginning to doubt their infallible, anonymous source.

Donald Trump

Photo by Evan El-Amin, Shutterstock

Update 7/22/2020: Since the time of writing, the surge of mask and vaccine conspiracy theories has made it clear that the the threat of a deadly viral pandemic is not motivation enough for people to start listening to credible authorities. The cult around the QAnon conspiracy may continue to grow in popularity, with a number of prominent political figures endorsing the movement.

However, followers may have more difficulty finding and disseminating their QAnon "information" after twitter mass-banned more than 7000 QAnon-focused accounts on Tuesday, along with restricting around 150,000 other QAnon accounts from their recommendation algorithm. The move comes, either as part of Twitter's effort to crack down on dangerous misinformation being spread on their platform, or as part of the deep state's insidious plan to keep you from discovering the truth...

If you believe the followers of the mysterious figure known as QAnon, all the elites of Hollywood and DC are implicated in an elaborate conspiracy to traffic children.

And none other than Donald Trump himself is working to take them down.

These elites—minions of the "deep state"—not only abuse children for their twisted sexual gratification, they harvest their adrenal glands to extract the psychosis-inducing drug adrenochrome (a real neurochemical that Hunter S. Thompson first fictionalized as a drug in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)—to which many/most/all of them are addicted.

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