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31 Halloween Movies to Watch This October

Juxtapose the horrors of Fox News against the more enjoyable horrors of Stephen King movies.

This autumn, our world is grappling with a bevy of horrors—an ongoing pandemic, relentless unchecked racial injustice sanctified by our legal system, the gaping void of an open supreme court seat, and an election that could potentially unravel all of American democracy.

Of course, October also brings with it a far more pleasant kind of horror: The blissfully distracting, transportive, folky wonder that is Halloween season. This October, we'll all have to intersperse pre-election phone banks and protests with some spooky autumnal entertainment in order to avoid burnout and keep our spirits alive.

The good thing is, fall offers plenty of options in the realm of transportive art and culture. Namely, these dark autumn nights are perfect for playing through your favorite horror movies. From the kitschy to the gory to the downright spine-chilling, horror movies have a way of bringing many of us an odd kind of peace. Plus, a recent study discovered that people who love horror movies might actually be faring better during the pandemic.

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Is Hip-Hop Becoming Conservative?

News of Ice Cube's "collaboration" with the Trump administration is shocking and heartbreaking, but it's also part of a growing trend of rappers preaching semi-conservative rhetoric.

Ice Cube, like many Americans, is looking at the upcoming presidential election as a battle of the lesser of two evils.

On Wednesday President Trump's Senior Advisor Katrina Peirson tweeted that rap legend Ice Cube is working with his administration to help develop The Platinum Plan. This proposal is a list of deliverables to the Black Community in the form of jobs, health care, and education.

Ice Cube soon put out a tweet of his own confirming that he had reached out to both the Democratic and Republican parties about discussing his Contract With Black America (CWBA). According to the 51-year-old rapper/actor/director, Democrats wanted to wait until after the election to talk about the CWBA. Trump's campaign, on the other hand, made adjustments to their plan, and is presumably using it as a method to gain the Black vote.

Many on social media were left speechless. Why would one of the most vocal Trump detractors and pioneers of gangsta rap align himself with the genre's biggest enemy?

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No, That Is Not Derek Chauvin in a "Make Whites Great Again" Hat (But He's Still a Monster)

George Floyd is dead because Derek Chauvin ignored his pleas, but this picture is a distraction

After the release of graphic footage showing the violent arrest of George Floyd, who subsequently died, there has been a scramble to find more information on Derek Chauvin—the Minneapolis police officer responsible.

In a chilling echo of the Eric Garner case, the video shows Floyd continually pleading for relief, saying, "Please, the knee in my neck, I can't breathe, sir." Chauvin, meanwhile, refused to move even after Floyd went quiet, leading concerned bystanders to ask him to check the man's pulse. The video shows Chauvin's monstrous indifference, and it makes sense that people want to ascribe that behavior to a personal fault that might have kept him off the police force. But apart from some publicly available records of police incidents, there is little information on who Derek Chauvin is.

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