I Hate the Way Pete Buttigieg Kisses His Poor Husband

One small step for gay rights, one giant leap for awkwardness.

With the botched Iowa caucuses and the many inaccuracies of Trump's State of the Union address, it's safe to say this week in politics has been particularly chaotic.

Above all, there's one bit of candidate-related information that has me especially disturbed. It's a photo of Pete Buttigieg kissing his husband. I know there are a multitude of issues that should warrant my concern—like, why are we using untested mobile apps during one of the most important primary elections in American history?—but take a look for yourself, and maybe you'll understand why this graceless smooch has me losing sleep.

Don't get me wrong: It's absolutely incredible that, fewer than five years after gay marriage was legalized nationwide, a quite popular presidential candidate is able to freely and safely kiss his husband in public without risking major loss in support (except for this very stupid lady who wanted to rescind her vote for Buttigieg after learning he has a same-sex partner). What perturbs me about it is the sheer awkwardness of the kiss and the fact that their mouths don't even touch. Sure, maybe they were just trying to play it safe—you know, in regards to the notably homophobic administration we're living under—but it looks like they just straight-up missed. This is how the actors playing Maria and Captain Von Trapp in my middle school production of The Sound of Music stage kissed. This is how sexless 80-year-olds kiss. This is not how a 38-year-old who's been married for fewer than two years should kiss.

But then again, are we shocked? Buttigieg is notably inelegant, from his slightly uncomfortable paraphrasing of Lizzo to his absolutely unsightly method of eating a cinnamon bun. Not chicken wings. A cinnamon bun.

At least Mayor Pete seems happy in his marriage, however perplexing it may appear.

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Joseph Oberhansley will go on trial in Indiana later this year for stabbing his ex-girlfriend, Tammy Jo Blanton, to death, then eating her lungs, brain and heart—a crime he confessed to last year.

However, the prosecution contends that the 34-year-old also raped her, as there were significant signs indicating sexual trauma—and, here is where Oberhansley is putting his foot down—insisting that he’s way too good looking to have to force himself on anybody.

According to court documents, during his police interview, Oberhansley admitted to breaking in to Blanton’s home, and, “killing her with a knife, then using an electric jigsaw to cut open her skull before eating parts of her brain, heart and a lung.”

The 46-year-old suffered fatal injuries to her head, neck and torso. Her skull had been crushed, and tissue from her body was found in a garbage can. A plate and cooking utensils—covered in blood and bone—were also found near the body.

Joseph Oberhansley and Tammy Jo Blanton

As Popdust previously reported, Oberhansley was still inside the property at the time Blanton’s remains were discovered and had to be restrained by officers. He was subsequently charged with murder, dismemberment and burglary, and is now facing the death penalty.

Homicide? Yes! Cannibalism? You betcha! But, rape? Rape?!!! How VERY dare you?!!!

Oberhanlsey is taking exception to the highly offensive charge, testifying in court to being a “righteous” man, who is “too handsome” to commit rape.

“I’ve never seen such bullshit!" Oberhansley yelled when the judge read out the rape statue last week. "Excuse my language. They keep falsifying shit!"

He also spent a portion of his testimony talking about how he is Lance Armstrong, "the man who landed on the moon" (presumably not on steroids)—so, it’s clear that in addition to his other hobbies, Oberhansley enjoys a good non-sequitur.

Since his arrest in September, Oberhansley has been held in 23-hour-a-day solitary confinement within a maximum security cell—Judge Carmichael denied the defense motion to move Oberhansley into general population—which is probably a smart move, as going by his past history, dude’s clearly got a few unresolved anger issues—to say the least.

In 1998, Oberhansley fatally shot his 17-year-old girlfriend, Sabrina Elder, who'd recently given birth to their son. He was convicted of manslaughter, and later attempted to take his own life.

He was released from jail in 2012 however, and was still on parole at the time of Blanton's murder—in addition to being out on bail following two other incidents he's been charged with—a cross-state police car chase, and allegedly nearly choking a man to death during an argument.

Meanwhile, towards the end of last week's hearing, Oberhansley made it clear how he feels about this damn bullshit court penal system malarky....

“This whole thing is completely wrong. It’s preposterous,” he yelled at the judge.

Trial date has been set for August 2.

It took a week of protests, boycotts and widespread condemnation, but it looks like Indiana Governor, Mike Pence, is finally backtracking on his controversial “religious freedom” act.

During a press conference Tuesday, Pence announced he has been meeting with lawmakers “around the clock” to ensure the legislation does not allow for discrimination against lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders.

“After much reflection and in consultation with the leadership of the general assembly,” Pence said, “I’ve come to the conclusion that it would be helpful to move legislation this week that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anyone.”

Although the legislation did not make any specific mention of sexual orientation, opponents of the bill were quick to point out that it provided a legal loophole to residents and companies if they wanted to discriminate against LGBT—on grounds of their “religious beliefs.”

You know, that whole Leviticus, Romans, Timothy and Corinthians schtick that bigots like to throw up in the name of “religion”—all while totally ignoring the fact that the word homosexual, as we understand it in the modern world, wasn’t invented until the 19th century, and that the overwhelming message in the New Testament at least was one of love and acceptance.

Love thy neighbor as yourself, folks.

Anyway, a whole can of whoop ass was unleashed on Pence following the announcement of the new law—a slew of businesses, including the NCAA and NASCAR publicly condemned the legislation, and some states barred government-funded travel to Indiana.

Over the weekend, Apple head honcho, Tim Cook, penned a scathing op-ed piece in the Washington Post opposing the bill—and, White House press Secretary, Josh Earnest, attacked Indiana lawmakers during his briefing this morning.

“This piece of legislation flies in the face of the kinds of values that people all across the country strongly support,” Earnest said.

Meanwhile, Pence insists that the law has been “grossly mischaracterized” and its meaning “twisted” by its opponents.

“The Religious Freedom Restoration Act reflects federal law, as well as law in 30 states nationwide,” Pence wrote in an op-ed piece for the Wall Street Journal Monday.

“I abhor discrimination,” he insisted.”’I believe in the Golden Rule that you should ‘do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ If I saw a restaurant owner refuse to serve a gay couple, I wouldn’t eat there anymore.”

Sure Pence, whatever.