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Tristyn Bailey Is Not Your Key to Clout

People are reportedly using the Tristyn Bailey case for clout on social media ... because we live in the worst timeline

When 13-year old Tristyn Bailey was stabbed to death by a classmate in early May, her community mourned.

In St. Johns County, near Jacksonville Florida, the 13-year old cheerleader was initially reported missing and eventually found with 114 stab wounds, left mutilated in the woods. After a gruelling few weeks of search and investigation, the suspect, Aiden Fucci, a fellow classmate, has been charged with Bailey's murder.

Her family released a statement to the public on Thursday May 27th, expressing their gratitude for the support they have received over the past month, saying thank you to "those in St. Johns that have helped from the Mother's Day search, the vigils, remembrances and memorials."

They continued, "With the press conference sharing details of this heinous crime, the caring and love shown from the people and businesses to raise up the memory of Tristyn and the resolve of our community serve as a beacon of light in the darkness ... We do ask for your continued respect for our privacy as well as of Tristyn's teammates and her school. As we move forward, we will seek to keep Tristyn's memory alive and the spirit of the community."

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TikTok at Your Own Risk: The Case of SailorJ and Stolen Art on TikTok

“Now you can tell the truth and stop playing a part in my being exploited by a whole ass APP worldwide without my permission,” Jahkara Smith wrote.

"If the men find out we can shapeshift, they're going to tell the church."

That's one of Jahkara Smith's most memorable lines from her most well-known YouTube video titled "Contouring 101," which accrued over 4.4 million views before Smith deleted her account in 2020.

"I don't know if you put your contouring on before the rest of your makeup or after the rest of your makeup, but it doesn't matter; because men are stupid," she quips in the video in a mid-Atlantic accent.

Her explosive online popularity defied expectations, The Mary Sue noted, "because three of the worst things you can be online are: a woman, brown, and loud."

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"Durte Dom," Former Member of David Dobrik's Vlog Squad, Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault

A woman under the pseudonym Hannah alleges Internet personality Dom Zeglaitis forced her into having sex with him while she was too drunk to consent, during a bit filmed for David Dobrik's channel.

@durtedom on Instagram

Content warning: This article contains mentions of rape.

A young woman has accused Dom Zeglaitis, the Internet personality known for his appearances in YouTuber David Dobrik's massively popular vlogs, of rape.

Insider reports that the woman, under the pseudonym Hannah, joined her friends in November 2018 to record a video with the Vlog Squad — Dobrik's group of friends who have somewhat become reality stars in their own right. Hannah alleges that before meeting Dobrik and Zeglaitis, the latter had told Hannah's friends he was interested in "hooking up" with them. Zeglaitis had often been portrayed as a womanizer and sex addict in Dobrik's vlogs.

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Fans are saying that Kendall Jenner posted an edited video on Instagram after one of her stories appears to show her waist suddenly growing slightly larger before shrinking back to its small size.

Some say the video was actually not the result of an edit but just a shift in Kendall's position. But others insist it's yet another incidence of a Kardashian digitally editing their appearance to fit into their perpetually unrealistic beauty standards.

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This Haunts Me: When Jeffree Star Ruined the Black-owned Beauty Brand Juvia's Place

How a cosmetics company representing African culture, vitality, and pride was "canceled" because of a known racist influencer.


As we're (finally) making more efforts to support Black-owned businesses, we should inevitably be wondering why there have been so few of them visible to mainstream consumers.

Within the astoundingly white-washed beauty industry, Black-owned brands account for a shamefully small fraction of the industry. This is especially egregious considering that, on average, Black women spend nine times more on beauty and hair care than white women. In 2017 Rihanna's Fenty Beauty released an inclusive range of 40 shades of foundation to wild acclaim, and the industry began to reckon with its lack of diversity.

Major brands like Dior, Rimmel, and CoverGirl have attempted to release more diverse shades, but their tactic of "diverse" advertising often commodifies and objectifies non-white skin tones. As writer Niellah Arboine critiques, "There is something really dehumanizing about calling [products] chocolate, caramel, mocha and coffee while all the lighter shades are porcelain or ivory."

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The BURST Sonic Toothbrush Has Influencers Going Wild

It's rose gold and it whitens. Can you say "obsessed?"

I don't know about you, but my Instagram feed is full of perfectly white gleaming smiles. The new must-have accessory has to be a perfect smile with gorgeous teeth.

A few influencers who I love following, of course, have the perfect teeth. How do they do it? I always thought it was out of my reach until I noticed so many of them were talking about a new electric toothbrush, BURST Sonic toothbrush. It kept popping up all over my feed. I checked out and saw that it has some pretty cool features.

But don't just take my word for it here's what the IG influencers have to say about the BURST Sonic ToothBrush;

chrissy teigen holding a pink burst toothbrush on instagram

Chrissy Teigen, need I say more?. If there is anyone we should all be more like, it has to be Chrissy. I mean, look at her husband (Mr. Legend), cutest kids, gorgeous home, amazing cooking skills, and mostly her clever sense of humor. I know using the same toothbrush as her doesn't make me more like her, but if it's good enough for CHRISSY TEIGEN, it is good enough for me. And I think we all know she ain't going to be a brand ambassador for any toothbrush, only the best toothbrush out there.

shawn anthony holding a black burst toothbrush on instagram

Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Cleans Ten Times Better Than A Manual
Save 32% On A Bundle Now!

Brand Strategist Shawn Anthony is a podcaster who is never without his BURST toothbrush, perfect for traveling. His teeth are the first thing people notice about him, so his BURST toothbrush keeps his teeth clean and fresh, so he's ready to speak to the biggest celebrities and business no matter where he is.

woman in pink pajamas holding a pink toothbrush

Dr. Bridget isn't only a fashion and lifestyle influencer but also an NYC aesthetic dentist, cancer survivor, and women's health advocate who loves her BURST Sonic toothbrush. She comments on how she sees a lot of her patients using very aggressive brushes, damaging their gums. But with three modes, whitening, sensitive, and massage, the BURST toothbrush is powerful on cleaning while also nice to gums. The reason why she says BURST is her favorite toothbrush and why she recommends it. Dr. Bridget can't get enough from the super-soft bristles to the 1 month battery life, replacement heads mailed quarterly, and the sleek and sexy design.

tandya with pink burst toothbrush

Tandya is easily one of my favorite influencers to follow. I am obsessed with the aesthetic of her page, and her content is the best, from designer fashion ideas to only the best products out there. Seeing her with the Rose Gold BURST Sonic toothbrush and hearing how much she loved it really helped me click that "add to cart" button. She loves how it makes her teeth "whiter, brighter, and squeaky clean!"

Yes, I'll admit I was influenced by these Instagramers, but for once, I'm so glad I was. Everything these influencers are saying is so true. I've been using my BURST toothbrush for two months now, and I don't know what I did before I had it. My teeth are definitely whiter from the charcoal infused bristles, my gums never bleed anymore, and my dentist was impressed at how much less plaque I have.

BURST removes 10 times more plaque than a manual toothbrush and reduces bleeding gums 3 times more effectively than manual toothbrushes. And it pauses every 30 seconds, prompting you to move to a different area in your mouth, and stops after 2 minutes, so you know you've brushed for the perfect amount of time.

Kits that also contain their amazing Expanding Floss start at just $74.99. And as low as $6, they send you out a new brush head every 3 months. No more buying those plastic ones that barely last a month. Plus, BURST is offering their amazing Expanding Floss for just $5 with the purchase of any toothbrush.

BURST gets the seal of approval from me, influencers, but most importantly from over 25,000 Dental Professionals who use and recommend BURST. Do you need any more recommendations?

Limited Time Offer! Our friends at BURST are extending a special offer to our readers. Get up to 32% OFF a toothbrush bundle today!