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RIP Instagram As We Know It

Your Ex Will No Longer See Your Thirst Traps

Instagram is making the switch to video-based content against the wishes of users

Solen Feyissa via Unsplash

Instagram hears you. They heard that you’re annoyed by your entire feed being clogged with TikToks and Reels of TikToks. But – sadly for you – they don’t care.

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POV: Scrolling through Instagram, maybe stalking your ex’s sister’s boyfriend’s cousin’s new baby, and you happen to get served an ad for your dream dress. But not just any dream dress… your dream dress. As in the dream dress you conjured when you were 17 years old and never found – even down to the pleat.

Creepy, maybe. But on point, definitely. Who cares how it got there? You click the ad and are directed to a tiny Instagram page with less than three thousand followers. You stop.

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What is Yassification? How to Yassify Yourself

Yassification is the latest meme to emerge from the pop culture hellscape . But does it signify something larger?

Try explaining “Yassification” to anyone who hasn’t noticed the ridiculous illustrations whirling about social media and you’ll be hard pressed to make your translation understood.

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8 of the Most Overrated Instagram Destinations (And Where to Go Instead)

If you don't want the unfiltered reality to leave you disappointed, you might want to skip some of these spots.

You've probably been told at some point in your life that things are not always as they appear.

And it's generally a good idea to keep in mind how easily we can be fooled by appearances. But that lesson is never more needed than when we're scrolling through instagram.

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Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Bronx native Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez first burst onto the political scene in the summer of 2018 with an incredible underdog win against 10-year incumbent Democrat Caucus Chair Joe Crowley.

Since then she's become an overnight celebrity, that infamous win being just the first of many historic moments to follow in her wake. During her short two years in office, she's done a lot, including authoring both the Green New Deal and the COVID-19 Funeral Assistance Act and introducing them to Congress.

(Seriously, when I say she's done a lot, I mean it — here's just some of her incredible political accomplishments, straight from the icon herself.)

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Instagram to Include Pronouns on Users' Profiles

The new feature is rolling out in several counties starting today.


Instagram is taking a major step towards normalizing putting pronouns on your social media profiles.

The photo-sharing app announced this week that users in some countries are now able to add their pronouns to their profile. The pronouns will appear in a smaller grey font next to the user's name on their profile. It appears this feature is slowly but surely making its way to Instagram users across the United States.

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