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Alec Baldwin’s Rude Thoughtless Little Pig Is All Grown Up, Gorgeous And Nekkid

Ireland only went and got herself all grown up. All grown up and gloriously naked...

Alec Baldwin rude thoughtless little pig, Ireland, only went and got herself all grown up...

Ireland Baldwin certainly couldn't be described as a little pig anymore—even by her notoriously hot-headed papa Alec.

Because, although it's a possibility she's still rude and thoughtless, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and ex-wife Kim Basinger has gone and got herself all grown-up.

All grown-up and gloriously nekkid no less.

The now 20-year-old is showing off her God-given goods in the new issue of Treats magazine.

In the photo shoot, Ireland rocks a series of see-through tops, lace, mesh etc… in addition to no tops at all.

As the magazine puts it:

Ireland Baldwin glistens beneath the summer sun in her first-ever nude shoot by Arthur Belebeau.

Ireland follows in the footsteps of mom Kim, who let it all hang out in Playboy, back in 1983, when she was 29.

Look away daddy!

The nude modeling is pretty much where the similarities between Ireland and Kim end however.

As the model pointed out in an open letter she posted on Tumblr back in the day, she's definitely not a carbon copy of her mom.

Oh, and she's WAY more than just Alec's thoughtless, rude little pig, thank you very much:


My mom is one of the most beautiful women in the world.

She is 5'9", I am 6'2". She is petite and fragile, and I am fit and … more to love tehe.

I have a booty, she has a thigh gap …

I am still a teen making my way out of my awkward phase.

Just like almost all of you, my Dad has made some mistakes in the past.

He has spoken out of place, he has let his temper get the best of him, and he has reacted towards things in ways he shouldn't have.

I get hateful replies and threats regarding mistakes of my Dad's past. This isn't fair.

I had nothing to do with anything that happened back then, so I don't fully understand why I am being targeted.

More importantly, my Dad has moved on.

He recognized that he needed to change, so he made changes.

He is now healthy, happily married with a baby on the way.
He moved on, so why can't you?

I have entered the social media world and the entertainment business to make a name for myself.

I am not seeking fame by association.

I am proud to be my parent's daughter, but I don't want to forever be known as 'that rude thoughtless little pig.'

Or Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger's kid.

Good luck with that sweetheart.

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It was one of the most bitter showbiz divorces of it's time.

Movie star Alec Baldwin and his wife of nine years, actress Kim Basinger split up in 2002 when their daughter Ireland was just 7 years old.

A bitter custody battle ensued which took four years to resolve.  Baldwin's shocking voicemail to their 11 year old daughter was leaked in 2007 with Basinger calling him "unstable and irrational".  In the voicemail, he berated Ireland, calling her a "rude little pig" and threatening to straighten her out.

You Had Us At Thoughtless Little Pig! Alec Baldwin’s Many Meltdowns…

Whilst Basinger denied leaking the voicemail, her rep said at the time that Alec's "ongoing aggressive behavior" was the issue in the lengthy battle.  He in turn said he had been "driven to the edge" and was a victim of 'parental alienation', where one parent alienates a child against the other during a custody battle.

Thankfully they managed to resolve their issues and are on better terms now.  But Basinger admits that the public divorce had an effect on the way she raised her daughter.

She told The Edit by Net-A-Porter;

"Divorce is hard on a kid, no matter how you cut it.  And ours was very public and nasty. So I brought up Ireland in a very unconventional way.

I just wanted her to be free.  If she wanted to have her friends over and write all over the walls with pen, that was fine.  I wanted her childhood to be full of love and light and animals and friends."

Ireland has grown up to become a successful model, but has certainly carried with her some of the fall out of her upbringing.

Ireland Baldwin—So Much More Than A Rude Little Pig!

After breaking up with her girlfriend, rapper, Angel Haze in April 2015, she checked herself into rehab for "emotional trauma".  She said on Twitter at the time;

"I checked myself into Soba for two weeks to just get away for a little bit.  I'm not much a party cat but I am here deal with some emotional trauma and getting the intensive therapy I needed in order to recover.  Some day I'll feel ready to share my story openly without feeling the way I do.

I needed a chance to work on myself and gather all the tools I need to overcome everything that I had been through and rid myself of all the pain I locked away in unreachable places."

Both Basinger and Baldwin have managed to move on from the bitter divorce—even though she wrote a book about it in 2008 she says things are ok between them now.

"[Alec and I are] cool now, though, life goes on."

Baldwin married his second wife Hilaria in 2012 and they have two young children together with whom Ireland enjoys a close relationship.

Kim Basinger To Star In ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Sequel

Oscar winner Kim has been linked to her longtime hairstylist Mitch Stone since 2014, and it's recently been announced she will be playing Elena Lincoln in the upcoming film sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey, Fifty Shades Darker.




Kim Basinger Alec Baldwin divorce


While Ireland Baldwin and rapper Angel Gaze take their relationship to the next stage by carving their initials on a tree, the famous Baldwin/Basinger progeny also scored a career win as the face of Rampage in its fall ad campaign.

You know what, I didn't know Rampage was still in business, either! But it totally is.

And apparently, Ireland pays homage to her mom's role in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks, 'sexily posing behind window blinds and eating strawberries.' Ahem.

Eighteen year old Ireland has made waves by proudly celebrating her bisexuality and her romance with Gaze, 22. While the tabloids were predicting a break-up based on ambiguous tweets by the high profile lovebirds, we can't believe everything we read, people!

Ireland's romantic Instagram pix prove that the romance is going strong. Here's an affectionate selfie that says it all.

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By Leah Ornstein

They are rich and famous and certainly not shy about sharing their candid snaps with millions of people around the world on social media – for better or for worse. From Kendall Jenner’s very revealing modeling shot and Kim Kardashian’s annoying “diamond in the sky” pic to Justin Bieber’s leather-clad lady and Cher Lloyd’s sweet wedding snap, the biggest stars were busy uploading their personal pics this week. If you are too busy to scour all the social media sites for the images, Popdust has the rundown for you of the 20 coolest, not-so-cool and WTF social media photos in our new weekly feature.