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PREMIERE | FAKY releases "Someday We'll Know"

The J-Pop band is taking The UK by storm.

FAKY is making history.

The Tokyo based girl group FAKY (pronounced Fei-ki) is making history one day at a time. The quartet is the first Asian act to be signed by a British record label and the first Asian act to record their songs all in English. In fact, FAKY has recorded with some impressive producers such as DJ Fresh and Commands who works with Charli XCX. One step at a time, FAKY is deconstructing the Harajuku stereotype and breaking the mold by being uniquely themselves.

As Americans, we're not a tune to the major culture differences in Asia. J-Pop rose in popularity over the last twenty years, but the whole sound and look of it still feel foreign to Western ears. The message of the music is universal though and that just goes to show with FAKY breaking the glass ceiling. We have a long way to go in the Western world in terms of embracing diversity, but FAKY's rise in popularity is proof that we are ready for it.

All four of the women behind FAKY are not only incredible vocalists but incredible performers. Their style of performance reminds me of the height of girl groups in the late nineties, early 2000s but updated. It's like if you take the Pussycat dolls and combine them with Ariana Grande. FAKY is equal parts sexy, strong, expressive, and fun. Their songs, especially one of my favorites "Suga Sweet" are indulgent and cathartic. One of my favorite performances of theirs is their music video for "Candy."

Watch "Candy" here.

Not only is their collective performance super solid, it's really fun to see each of the girls style shine through their performance. I feel that in ten years, we might be saying, "Oh, I'm an Anna and you're a Lil' Fang," much like we profile ourselves according to what Spice Girl we are. According to Tokyo Girl's update, Anna is the leader of the group. Lil' Fang, is known for her strong, dynamic performances first making her mark in Tokyo night clubs. Akina is a Cali native of Japanese and American background and is the newest member of FAKY. The final member, Mikako is described as "typically cute Japanese girl who is an atypically powerful performer," according to Tokyo Girls Update.

Listen to "Someday We'll Know" here.

Their newest track "Someday We'll Know" is an energetic power ballad. Bilingual, the track features verses in Japanese and some of the hook in English. The feeling behind the track is universal. This is a pump up jam if I've ever heard one, the hook professing, "Stay wild, stay free, someday we'll know." The girls' performance in the music video is both reflective and freeing. The song is definitely a step in the direction of maturity for the group. My favorite part of the track is the bridge that really showcases the groups power vocals. The visual matches the song perfectly with the girls dancing on a gorgeous rooftop. I'm not sure what's more uplifting than that.

Having swept Japan as a nation wide phenomenon, FAKY has just started their journey in the UK and is bound to do the same thing. Their music makes you want to get up and dance and every member has that undeniable "it factor."

To see what's next for FAKY follow them on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter.

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