"A lot of people ask, 'What will Jackass be like once we're older?'" Chris Pontius asked in the new trailer for Jackass Forever. "Well, it'll get more mature."

The debut trailer for the new film shows that despite aging and sobering up considerably, the Jackass gang of misfits are still up to their mischievous ways. The new trailer showcases, among other things, Johnny Knoxville getting shot out of a rocket and attacked by a bull, Machine Gun Kelly getting slapped into a pool by a massive plastic hand, and Steve-O getting his balls electrically shocked.

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It's always amazing when the more prankster-y targets of the "Punk'd" crews don't seem to see their own demises coming in the slightest. Odd Future mouthpiece Tyler, the Creator recently found himself the target of such a goof at the hands of Bam Margera, Wee Man and other associated Jackasses, being tricked into thinking his carelessness with a taco truck's gas grill led to the truck going kablooee (and a man inside catching on fire) at a charity event. Rather than suspect foul play at work—and with the Jackass bunch in the building, how could you not at least suspect?—Tyler whips out his camera phone to take a picture of the man on fire (bad form, T) and then takes a running leap into a pick-up truck upon further explosions. "Tyler the Creator? More like Tyler the Demolisher!" snaps the event manager.

Of course, it's all faked, and eventually Tyler is let in on the joke. He's a fairly good sport about the whole thing, just proclaiming "All right assholes, I'm out of here, I got a date!" (Perhaps he realizes what a compliment it is that he's even considered Punkworthy at all.) The main problem with the post-Ashton Kutcher Punk'd, by the way—there's no more great reveal moment now when Ashton comes bounding out from behind the scenes and it dawns on the pranked celebrity about what's really going on. It's just like "hah, you got Punk'd!" "Oh shit, I guess I got Punk'd!" Not the same.


To cap off an eventful day that also saw an album release, a Good Morning America appearance and a whole lot of tour controversy, Britney Spears swung by the Jimmy Kimmel Live! studios for a couple skits and a reprise of 2/3 of her set from that morning's GMA performance. Though Britney's live showing was just as disappointingly lifeless as her other performances of late, her involvement in the night's comedy was impressively competent—including a surprisingly game bit involving her mixing it up with the Jackass crew.

The evening began with Jimmy checking on Britney in her dressing room, comparing "tattoos" they had agreed to get of each other before the show. (Britney's was much smaller and done only in pen ink—doggone it.) Later, when Johnny Knoxville was talking with Jimmy on the set, he alluded to a cut scene from Jackass 3-D featuring Ms. Spears, which was then shown in its full, likely fabricated glory. The scene featured Britney semi-unwillingly agreeing to be flung bungee-style in a used Port-a-Potty, covering the pop star in human waste (although luckily for those with weak stomachs, the visuals are kept vague with the gross details) and inspiring her to attack some of the cast members in an excrement-soaked fury.

Spears then went on to perform hit singles "Till the World Ends" and "Hold it Against Me" in her typical low-energy haze, but even if her appearance did little to dissuade notions of her having fallen off as a live performer, her earlier comedy showing was competent enough to prove that there's at least a speck of humanity left behind those hazel eyes. Here's hoping that's what it proves, anyway, and not that her on-retainer pharmacologist is good enough at his job to forcibly inject a pulse into her for ten minutes at a time.