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Zachary Vague/Courtesy of the Artist

Interview by Jordan Edwards

Canadian singer-songwriter Jade LeMac released her debut EP Constellations today. Among the seven tracks is the lead single "Car Accident," a song she began writing on a bus.

"As I was coming up with this story in my head, I was seeing myself inside of these characters and feeling all of these feelings of two people who have both lost something," she says. "I ended up just crying the whole way. It’s probably one of my favorite songs on the EP."

Since debuting less than two years ago, the 18-year-old has built a loyal fanbase. She has over 100,000 Instagram followers and over a million on TikTok. The singles "Constellations" and "Aim to Kill" (both included on the EP) have a combined 30 million Spotify streams. LeMac's talent is beyond her years, but her greatest strength is perhaps the ability to be both badass and vulnerable, sometimes within the same song.

We met up with her during a decent trip to Los Angeles to talk about songwriting, production, and how she got to this point.

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