Japanese Breakfast

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Japanese Breakfast's third album, Jubilee, breaks open with a bang.

The first song, "Paprika," is one of the artist's biggest, brightest songs. It rolls in with a giant crescendo about 30 seconds in, and from there it rides on a buoyant, trumpet-laden beat that marks a stark contrast to the more meditative qualities of the artist's earlier works.

The song, and the album that follows, were created to be a celebration of ecstasy, happiness, and the brighter sides of life. (Ahead of its release, the artist literally tweeted, "This is an album about joy.")

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Our favorite artists' music can feel like a glimpse into their lives, a way to connect even more deeply with the disembodied voices that sound so good to the ears.

But the music is really only one side of the person, and often, fans aren't given the opportunity to learn about the true ins and outs of an artist.

That's where books come in. Just like how fiction has the ability to transport a reader to any time or place in this universe and beyond, books written by musicians are like tickets into their mysterious lives.

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