Jenna Lotti Drops an Anthem for All the "Sad Girls"

"'Sad Girls' is about giving the middle finger to your emotions...for the night."

Jenna Lotti

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"'Sad Girls' is about giving the middle finger to your emotions...for the night," explains Jenna Lotti about her new song "Sad Girls."

Born in Boston and now based in L.A., Lotti's musical career began with writing poetry as a form of self-medication, and then singing the verses to friends, who persuaded her to perform at a local open mic. Her performance blew the audience away and motivated Lotti to delve even deeper into music. She learned guitar and made YouTube videos in her bathroom.

Her sound—shaped by blues, soul, and pop elements—garnered well-deserved attention, leading to tours of the East and West Coasts, and making the move to L.A. There, she composed "Warning Signs," followed by a series of tantalizing singles, like "Hollywood" and "Deep." Right now, she's working on her self-titled EP, slated to drop later this year.

"Sad Girls" opens on creamy acapella vocals, followed by a shimmering synth. When the syncopated groove enters, the tune is rife with vulnerability, melancholic flavors, and nostalgia. Imbued with pop and hip-hop-lite textures, the melody glows with soft radiance, as Lotti's evocative tones paint a pensive picture.

"This is for all the sad girls / Living only in their own world / We can't help what we feel like / But it's gonna be alright / I'm so sick of being sad / Always worrying 'bout the things that passed."

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