Jessica Biel Denies Being an Anti-Vaxxer (Despite Lobbying with Anti-Vaxxers)

Unfounded and dangerous claims by anti-vaccine activists include: vaccines contain toxic amounts of mercury (disproven), vaccines are untested and unregulated (false), and vaccines are somehow associated with autism (100% fantasy).

Jessica Biel

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Jessica Biel swears she's not an anti-vaxxer—she's just opposed to a bill that would tighten mandates on vaccinations.

On Tuesday, the 37-year old actress made an unexpected appearance before the California State Assembly alongside an outspoken anti-vaccination activist, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (the son of Bobby Kennedy). His unfounded and dangerous claims include: vaccines contain toxic amounts of mercury (disproven), vaccines are untested and unregulated (false), and vaccines are somehow associated with autism (100% fantasy).

The anti-vaxxer took to Instagram to post pictures of himself with Biel before they lobbied the California State Senate. He called the actress "courageous" for speaking out against SB 276. The vaccine bill is authored by state senator and pediatrician Dr. Richard Pan, who argues that doctors are abusing the medical exemptions that allow parents to use a doctor's note to forego vaccinations. The bill calls for more oversight that would prevent doctors from selling exemptions to parents who don't have a medical reason for not vaccinating their children.

So did Jessica Biel come out as an anti-vaxxer? Back in 2015, rumors circulated that she was refusing to vaccinate her then-7-month-old son. But the only source was an unnamed associate of Biel and her husband, Justin Timberlake, who alleged to a tabloid, "She feels that vaccination could cause complications."

On Thursday, Biel addressed the rumors with a lengthy Instagram post in which she outright denied, "I am not against vaccinations." She clarified: "I support children getting vaccinations and I also support families having the right to make educated medical decisions for their children alongside their physicians. My concern with #SB276 is solely regarding medical exemptions. My dearest friends have a child with a medical condition that warrants an exemption from vaccinations, and should this bill pass, it would greatly affect their family's ability to care for their child in this state. That's why I spoke to legislators and argued against this bill. Not because I don't believe in vaccinations, but because I believe in giving doctors and the families they treat the ability to decide what's best for their patients and the ability to provide that treatment. I encourage everyone to read more on this issue and to learn about the intricacies of #SB276. Thank you to everyone who met with me this week to engage in this important discussion!"

Anti-vaccination lobbyists push dangerous and unfounded myths about potentially life-saving medicine. The World Health Organization (WHO) finds that adverse reactions are as rare as 1 in 2-3 million doses for the polio vaccine, 1 in 1,000 doses to 50,000 for tuberculosis, and 1 in 1 million doses for measles.


Justin Timberlake

All you need to know.

Full Name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Date of Birth: January 31, 1981

Born: Memphis, TN

Occupation: Singer, actor, producer

Status: Married to Jessica Biel (2012)

Children: 1

Sexy has been brought. From the Mickey Mouse Club to "in da club," Justin Timberlake has been delighting fans with his top-notch talent since he was a wee one. Now one of the hottest acts on the planet, the multi-faceted fella is doing what he does best…entertain.

From his mind-blowing musical chops to his on-screen success, the father of one and hubby to hottie Jessica Biel is going strong, putting out some of today's most popular music and lighting up theaters with his good looks and screen-stealing scenes. Here's more about "JT" and why fans love him - they just "Can't Stop the Feeling!"

Disney Days

It's hard to imagine the "SexyBack" singer chillin' with Mickey and Minnie, but if you've been a Timberlake fan since he was a kid, you know he got his start on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club. Like Britney and Christina, a young Timberlake showed the world he was born with a gift. While the Mickey days wouldn't last forever, the launching pad was priceless. We got a taste of what was to come and it was delicious.

Boy Band Bonanza

NSYNC took Timberlake to the next level. The late '90s was a hot time for boy bands, NSYNC being one of the most popular. Their special blend and cool charisma was hip with tweens, teens, and twenty-somethings, and to this day, songs like "Bye Bye Bye," "It's Gonna Be Me," and "This I Promise You" are still on our playlists. With dance moves to thrill and killer harmonies, Timberlake along with Joey Fatone, JC Chasez, Chris Kirkpatrick, and Lance Bass were selling out arenas and climbing the charts. They remain a band, but Timberlake had bigger dreams of going solo.

One Singular Sensation

Timberlake's vocal skills, lyrical talents, and knack for churning out hits has kept him on solid rotation ever since he went solo. Always daring and down to collaborate, Timberlake's songs never fail to send shivers up our spines. From "Cry Me a River" to "Suit & Tie" to "What U Workin' With?," Timberlake's tunes are fresh and fun, putting us in the mood to tap our toes and sing along. #1 hits and well-deserved awards prove that the Memphis native has made his mark around the globe.

Made for Movies

As if his music career isn't outstanding enough, Timberlake has a taste for film too. His ability to act is as impressive as his musical talents, bringing fans to theaters to see their idol on the big screen. Some of his top titles include Friends with Benefits, The Social Network, Bad Teacher, Trolls, and In Time. Handsome looks and heartfelt performances wow audiences at every showing. A big bucket of hot buttered popcorn is perhaps the only thing better than seeing Justin Timberlake, the movie star.

Family Man

While Timberlake surely had a hell of a time playing the field during his boy band days, he settled down and married actress Jessica Biel in 2012. They have one son and it seems like his role as "dad" is his proudest. Unlike many celeb marriages, the Timberlake-Biel relationship seems down-to-earth and solid – a gorgeous couple with a true connection and commitment. Will they have another kiddo to add to their party of three? We're eager to see if the Timberlake family becomes a foursome.

What's next for this mega-star? Everything Timberlake touches turns to gold. He's focused. He's funny. He's a face we'll never get bored of looking at. His voice? Never better. For a guy who seems to have it all, we expect him to find a way to get even more out of life.

Melissa A. Kay is a New York-based writer, editor, and content strategist. Follow her work on Popdust as well as sites including TopDust, Chase Bank, P&G,, The Richest, GearBrain, The Journiest, Bella, TrueSelf, Better Homes & Gardens, AMC Daycare, and more.

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It! This Just-in...Justin Timberlake, the Author

From Boy Band to Books, Is There Anything This Man Can't Do?

'N Sync made Justin Timberlake a household name, but who knew the formerly curly-haired cutie would go from pop to publishing?

Wowing the crowds

Just when you thought Justin Timberlake had tasted all facets of fame, there he goes proving he still has so much more than music and movies to conquer. He has a book coming out October 30th, Hindsight & All the Things I Can't See in Front of Me, co-written with Sandra Bark. He shared the exciting news with his followers below...

The highly-anticipated book – Timberlake's first – "will give readers a peek into Timberlake's creative process through an intimate collection of images from his personal archives that range from childhood to present day." From his time with his fellow boy banders to his time on screen to his personal life (including his wife and son), and then some, this book is sure to be filled with sensational stories and scenarios fans have been waiting to read. A life like Timberlake's doesn't come along often, so getting a glimpse into the world of a superstar is sure to be a page-turner. And there are photos too!

'N Sync

The book will include "anecdotes, reflections, and observations on his life and work to give readers more context behind what inspires him and what goes into producing a highly orchestrated live show and tour." With talent like Timberlake's, learning his professional process will be fascinating and inspirational. He has been at his many crafts for years, always impressing audiences with his fine-tuned finesse and flair. Adored by fans worldwide, from all walks of life, we will now get a better idea of what makes the star tick.

With wife Jessica Biel

In a press release, Timberlake shared, "At this significant time in my life, I wanted to share the moments that helped make me the artist I am today. I'm looking forward to sharing these photographs with readers as well as my son. Working on this book was an amazing process for me. My story has been filled with so many amazing people that have helped me become the artist I am today. Reflecting on those moments, spotlighting some of the important people and places that have informed my music, and getting the opportunity to share my story is something I am very grateful for." And we will be grateful to read all about it!

The gift that keeps on

Can't wait to get in on the Timberlake tell-all? Pre-order your copy of Hindsight & All the Things I Can't See in Front of Me now and be among the first to crack open what has got to include plenty of juiciness, lots of laughs, inside scoops, and a bird's-eye view of what JT's wonderful world is all about.

Melissa A. Kay is a New York-based writer, editor, and content strategist. Follow her work on Popdust as well as sites including TopDust, Chase Bank, P&G,, The Richest, GearBrain, The Journiest, Bella, TrueSelf, Better Homes & Gardens, AMC Daycare, and more.

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Jessica Biel is juggling two projects at once, with her Secret Pregnancy and her L.A. kids' restaurant to open early next year.

Can we stop pretending that Mrs.Timberlake 'might' be pregnant? De we need a press release to confirm what we see with our own eyes? The woman is pregnant and she's not holding back on the weight gain either.

Moving on to project #2, Biel's restaurant Au Fudge is set to open between February and April of 2015, and it already has its own Instagram account.

While the organic cuisine is designed for kids, there will be a full 47 liquor license, according to Eater LA. It will be located on Melrose in West Hollywood, and Biel has described the venture as 'a Soho House for kids.'

Aww, how precious! An exclusive place where rich kids can eat rainbow spaghetti!



Contrary to rumors of a split between Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake, she has joined him in Australia sporting a new tummy that could mean happy news.

On the other hand, it could mean that Jessica has discovered donuts.

Recently, Biel was photographed enjoying a day at the beach, and while the captions mostly referred to her 'toned figure,' the pictures clearly illustrate that this is not the woman once known for her athletic body.

Arriving in Perth to join Timberlake on his tour, Jessica looked distinctly...bloated. Bloated or trying to disguise a pregnant tummy.

It's hard to say for sure, but my money's on Pregnant. What do you think?