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14 Celebrity Endorsements That No One Asked For

Not every endorsement is about a paycheck.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

The world of celebrity endorsement makes for some strange spectacles.

From Penelope Cruz dressed as Mario, to Snoop Dogg rapping about Hot Pockets, it sometimes seems like celebrity's will back any brand that offers them a paycheck. But that's not the case with the celebrities on this list.

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Eminem Once Said "Of Course I Side with Chris Brown" Before Collaborating With Rihanna

A 10-year-old song snippet has leaked in which the rapper said, "I'd beat a b*tch down, too," shortly before he and Rihanna recorded "Love the Way You Lie."

A snippet of a song recording in which Eminem supports Chris Brown's violence towards Rihanna has leaked online.

According to XXL, the clip was recorded during the making of the rapper's 2009 album Relapse. "I'm not playing, Rihanna where'd you get the V.D. at?" Eminem says. "Let me add my two cents / Of course I side with Chris Brown / I'd beat a bitch down, too." Brown became infamous following his February 2009 assault of Rihanna, whom he was dating at the time.

"This is a leak of something that's over 10 years old," Eminem's spokesperson Dennis Dennehy told XXL. "After Eminem recorded it, he scrapped it and rewrote it. Obviously he and Rihanna have a great relationship."

But how do we know Em and Rih actually have a great relationship? Sure, the pair have collaborated on two No. 1 hits: "The Monster" and "Love the Way You Lie." But the lyrics of the latter—which were originally praised at the time of its 2010 release—become even more harrowing under the shadow of Eminem's newly-surfaced bolstering of Brown. Take his final line in the track: "If she ever tries to f**kin' leave again, I'ma tie her to the bed and set this house on fire." Considering the media frenzy surrounding Rihanna's abuse shortly before the song dropped and the countless accounts of assault in the entertainment industry since, can we really trust that the supposed "greatness" of their relationship extended beyond their studio time?

And even in the decade-plus since committing the assault, Brown has still remained massively successful; he's continued to clock hit after hit, and fellow rapper Lil Dicky even wrote an entire song with him, "Freaky Friday," about what it'd be like to switch places with each other. "And then I began thinking, like, 'Who would I wanna switch bodies with?'" Dicky said of the 2018 song, which even pokes fun at Brown's "controversial past." "So the first person I thought of was Chris Brown." "Freaky Friday" is a perfect example of the subtle exoneration the music industry has granted Brown, as well as the tendency many men have to schmooze with their buddies, letting misogynistic behavior slide rather than demanding accountability.

Lil Dicky in the music video for "Freaky Friday," which features Chris Brown.

Brown wouldn't still be successfully making music today if it weren't for the men that pardoned him in the wake of his headline-breaking assault. Eminem's leak might be ten years old, but the issue it exhibits is still all-too relevant in 2019. Stop giving Brown a platform, but more importantly, call out your peers' misogynistic habits before it's too late.

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Jessica Simpson Calls Out Natalie Portman

Jessica Simpson posts an Instagram firing back at Natalie Portman for her comments on a 1999 bikini photo.


Jessica Simpson called out Natalie Portman Wednesday. The singer's post was in reaction to an interview Natalie Portman did for USA Today in which she said, "I remember being a teenager, and there was Jessica Simpson on the cover of a magazine saying 'I'm a virgin,' while wearing a bikini, and I was confused, like, I don't know what this is trying to tell me as a woman, as a girl."

In response, Jessica Simpson posted on Instagram:

Shortly after, Portman responded in the comments, saying, "Thank you for your words. I completely agree with you that a woman should be allowed to dress however she likes and behave however she likes and not be judged. I only meant to say I was confused — as a girl coming of age in the public eye around the same time — by the media's mixed messages about how girls and women were supposed to behave. I didn't mean to shame you and I'm sorry for any hurt my words may have caused. I have nothing but respect for your talent and your voice that you use to encourage and empower women all over the globe."

Many fans think Simpson missed the point of Portman's statement, claiming all she intended to do was point out the double standards that often inhibit women's expressions of sexuality. Others feel that Simpson was right in passively calling out Portman's statement, saying that women should strive to protect each other from the very scrutiny Portman was condemning. Regardless, it remains to be seen whether any tension persists between the two celebrities.

Brooke Ivey Johnson is a Brooklyn based writer, playwright, and human woman. To read more of her work visit her blog or follow her twitter @BrookeIJohnson.

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Ashlee Simpson

All you need to know.

Full Name: Ashlee Nicolle Simpson

Date of Birth: October 3, 1984

Born: Waco, TX

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, actress, reality personality

Status: Married to Evan Ross (2014)

Children: 2

She's the sister to another famous Simpson and wife of the son of a superstar mom. Ashlee Simpson is a singer-turned-reality star putting her life on display as she reemerges into the spotlight as a musical mom of two, devoted to her darling, Evan Ross. Here's a bit about the blonde beauty and why keeping it real makes her relatable.

The Simpson Singers

Pop music fans were impressed by the talent of Jessica Simpson when she first hit the scene. But her little sis had music in her blood too. Simpson was set to prove her older sister wasn't the only one in the family who could be famous. Out came Autobiography, Simpson's first album, released in 2004. The breakout single, "Pieces of Me" hit the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the top five and was a huge success. Simpson's sound was not as "pop" as her sister's – she was darker, grungier, and introspective. The contrast was perfect when it came to comparing the two, and Simpson could stand on her own as an artist. She followed up with several other albums over the years and is now back in the recording studio with her man, as seen on their reality show.

Ashlee + Evan

Simpson has been married to Evan Ross (son of Diana) since 2014. Together they have a daughter and Simpson has a son from her previous marriage to Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy. For those interested in the couple's lives, tune into E! to watch their reality show, Ashlee + Evan. They share special moments and music, and make memories right before our eyes. Let's hope their relationship doesn't wind up like her sister's did when Jess was married to boy bander Nick Lachey. Remember Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica? Reality television and marriages don't always mix.

Stylish Simpson

Simpson is fashion-forward, trend-setting, and always cool. No matter the occasion, Simpson is stylish, be it casual or classy. Here are some of Simpson's notable fashion moments:

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Jessica Simpson Public Affair —flashback to just ten years ago, when Jessica made a living as a pop princess

Think back to ten years ago.

Surely the first thing that pops into your mind is that Jessica Simpson still made a living as a pop princess.

Her catchy song, A Public Affair, was a chart topper, with its bouncy beats and simple lyrics.

Kinda like Jess… bouncy and simple.

Jessica Simpson Public Affair —bubblegum sticky-sweetness

The video was Polly-O cheesy, chock full of celebrity cameos, and saturated with bubblegum sticky-sweetness.

Celeb gal pals Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate, and Christina Milian join Jessica in a limo to head out for their all-night Public Affair where they all discuss their fabulousness and fame status.

Oh, and how they hope to become even more of the paparazzi’s playthings.

Jessica Simpson Public Affair —Seacrest out!

The limo driver turns his head only to reveal it’s none other than Mr. Celebrity himself, Ryan Seacrest!

The destination is a roller skating rink, yet the girls are more suitably dressed for clubbing.

The nerdy skate renter dude is instantly drooling over the gals, fantasizing about being licked by them, among other sexual acts.

They flirt with him only to deepen the blueness of his balls.

Jessica Simpson Public Affair —Maria Menounos guest appearance

Next, Jess makes eyes at a hot guy at the rink, and he back at her, to the dismay of his girlfriend, who is a then lesser-known Maria Menounos.

The girls skate and dance, and even fall into a clumsy pile as they try to move around the rink with sexiness.

Once they catch their stride, the others at the rink join them in a choreographed skate/dance number with Jess as the lead.

In the end, we see Jessica walk off with Maria’s boyfriend… bitch!

The Jessica Simpson Public Affair video is too good to not see again.

Please Jessica, put the shoe line aside for a moment and get back into the studio.

We need more of this nonsense in our lives!

“Ready, set, go”… watch Jessica Simpson Public Affair video below.

TFIF Flashback Friday—Rick Astley Together Forever

TFIF Flashback Friday! I’m Too Sexy—Right Said Fred

TFIF Flashback Friday—Talking in Your Sleep by The Romantics

TFIF Flashback Friday—Dress You Up by Madonna

TFIF Flashback Friday—Karma Chameleon by Culture Club

TFIF Flashback Friday—I Think We’re Alone Now by Tiffany

TFIF Flashback Friday – Every Little Step by Bobby Brown

TFIF Flashback Friday—Lost in Your Eyes by Debbie Gibson


TFIF Flashback Friday—All Night Long by Lionel Richie

TFIF Flashback Friday—Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go

TFIF Flashback Friday—Opposites Attract by Paula Abdul

Remember when Jessica Simpson first caught our attention way back in 1999?

Now a singer, actress and entrepreneur, she was originally a fresh faced Christian singer who auditioned for the famed Mickey Mouse Club but didn't get in.

She was signed by Colombia Records when she was just 16 years old after impressing them with her sweet voice and dropped out of high school to pursue her singing career.

Her debut album Sweet Kisses sold over four million copies worldwide and she quickly moved from her innocent image and sound into the sexier teen-pop genre to try to compete with Britney and Christina. She got her big break not through her music though, but through an MTV reality show, Newlyweds which she starred in with her ex-boy band member and now ex-husband, Nick Lachey.

She got a few acting gigs off the back of the show, including the Dukes of Hazzard movie in which she was more celebrated for her sexy daisy dukes than her acting skills.

By 2005 the newlyweds had filed for divorce and her albums and movies received a lukewarm reception and for the next few years poor Jessica was more in the news for her fluctuating weight than her talent.

Not one to be deterred by the fat-shamers, Simpson quietly built her brand and has reinvented herself as a fashion guru.  She now commands her namesake empire which generates hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales giving her a staggering net worth of $150 million!

Jessica has been with her second husband, American football player Eric Johnson since 2010 and the couple had two children together—Maxwell aged 3 and Ace aged 2, before marrying in 2014.