I became a fan of Joe Budden's music in high school.

His introspective yet brooding temperament was relatable to a teenager experiencing peak angst who sought refuge in Hip-Hop. Joe's lyricism and transparency resonated with me as an adult as well. His accounts of his bouts of depression and using various vices to cope with them became the soundtrack to my life. The one quality I admired the most about the New Jersey emcee, beyond his wordplay, was his willingness to be the industry's biggest villain.

Recently, when his friends and co-hosts were conspicuously absent from the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, rumors of scandal and discord started to spread. In reality, Joe's co-workers and friends having grievances with his behavior continues a longstanding pattern.

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Car​di B Feuds with Children (but Only When They Deserve It)

ZN8tion was asking for all the smoke the minute they said Cardi B smelled like poop.

Cardi B has shown that she doesn't take crap from anyone, and that especially and rightfully includes elementary school children.

"Not gonna let no little f***ing white boys come at me all motherf****ing day long," Cardi B said in an Instagram rant. The response was sparked by a diss track made by a rap group called ZN8tion, which is comprised of four 10-year-old brothers. "Motherf***ing shut the f*** up and stay in your motherf***ing place. Go drink your motherf***ing milk, bitch." The response was obviously justified. Just cause they're kids messing around does not give them the right to say cruel things like, "You smell like a turd" or that Cardi "reminds me of a germ." What creative and complex insults!

CARDI B, DISSED BY ZN8tion And GOES CRAZY www.youtube.com

Cardi B, a proud 26-year-old woman who isn't afraid to stand up for herself against pre-adolescents, is in no way shape or form a germ. And she definitely doesn't smell like poop! And she wanted to make that clear to all the world! If anything, ZN8tion smells like poop! I think Cardi B would agree with me. Besides, they're spouting this toxic narrative to all 119 of their followers! That's practically a movement!

Sure, the multi-millionaire rapper probably has better things to do then start an Instagram quarrel with small children, but frankly their insults were so diabolically evil that they deserved to be roasted as hard as they were. You think they'd be safe from Cardi's wrath because they're children? Think again. Everyone needs to grow up, especially ZN8tion. I hope Cardi B reminded these tweens to act their age (10). Also, take note of their webcam-quality video. Clearly, they're not rich like Cardi B. Clearly they're just kids who decided to record this video during one of their playdates while they were on a sugar high from eating too much Cinnamon Toast Crunch. I hope that sugar crash hurts, ZN8tion, and I hope you think twice before making such a catastrophic mistake again!


2017: The year that Hip-Hop became a Goliath

Looking back at the most memorable moments that made 2017 a banner year for the culture.

2017 was the year that Hip-Hop became the most popular music genre in the United States.

According to Neilson music stats, Hip-Hop is more streamed and consumed than Pop and Rock. For those who have been fans of the culture for years, even decades, the numbers are now a reflection of the influence rap music has truly had over mainstream America.

Since the days of Run-DMC on MTV, rap music has had a stronghold on popular culture. It has inspired fashion trends, dance moves, and slang which has permeated other forms of entertainment. Hip Hop artists are just as visible as any A-List actor or top athlete and have fans who are of the former and the latter. But the music itself is only a small part of what makes Hip-Hop popular this year.

The moments that happened outside of music helped with the overall visibility of the art that originated from The South Bronx. We took a look at the 10 moments from the beginning of the year to the most recent that helped make Hip-Hop the king of the music mountain in 2K17.

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Watch:Joe Budden and DJ Akademiks have a new show coming to Complex Networks

Take the internet's most trolled and the internet's biggest troll and you get "Everyday Struggle"

It's been a good week for hip hop. Future's single has everyone appreciating the skillful instrumentation in rap music, The Get Down returns to Netflix, and yesterday rapper Joe Budden and DJ turned "one man TMZ" DJ Akademiks announced their show on Complex Networks. That's right, starting April 10, every Monday-Friday you can head to Complex News on YouTube and watch Noah Callahan-Bever and Nadeska Alexis moderate as the pair discuss hip hop, top performers, overrated artists, and pop culture.

"While I would love to say something really heartwarming and politically correct, I'm not sure that would properly convey the sentiment I think all of us have. So from Myself, Akademiks & the good ppl over at Complex... we bout to F*** S*** UP, " remarked Joe Budden.

But why these two? Well, Budden is obviously no stranger to music and somehow has remained a staple in a very fickle industry. The Jersey rapper has come a long way from 2003 hit single "Pump It Up". And by far I mean seven studio albums, countless mixtapes, several reality television shows, a host on a top NY morning show and currently host of "I'll Name This Podcast Later". While DJ Akademiks started off as a DJ, he's moved to on to become an international digital brand. He has a live-from-the-streets approach to the music industry and isn't afraid to get messy or ruffle a few feathers.

Let's just be honest, Joe Budden is opinionated and passionate (people still bring up the Drake "rant" but by far my favorite Joe-still-from-Jersey moment was when those kids thought they were going to just 'pick on Joe' and he turned into Jesse Owens on them) who sometimes forgets he's famous. And Akademiks? He's been threatened by the best and the worst of them and still doesn't quit. God Bless Noah and Nadeska.

"They always say it's not about who did it first it's who did it best... but after seeing the vision for the show and the great people around it, I truly believe we can kill two birds with one stone. Joe and I along with Complex will definitely be delivering some epic moments and setting the canvas for very interesting and insightful dialogue, " commented DJ Akademiks.

Check out this sneak peek of the trailer, and let's get ready for the [redacted] (but rhymes with duckery). Let's chat about it on instagram and twitter.

First and foremost, a hearty congratulations from us here at Popdust to the Dallas Mavericks, and finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki, for winning their first NBA championship in franchise history, at the expense of the unprecedently hyped Miami Heat. The Mavs held strong through a rough first shooting half from the German Moses in Game Six last night, and pulled away in the fourth quarter for a surprisingly easy 105 - 95 victory, winning the series four games to two, in the process ensuring a glorious third-straight off-season of "What is the fucking deal with that LeBron James?" questioning.

The world's eyes—those not tuned to the Tonys, anyway—were on the American Airlines Arena last night, and that included a number of leading lights from the pop community. Some were disappointed with the result, others vindicated, others pleased, but drunk and hungry. Observe, a cross-section of pop star response:

[blackbirdpie url="http://twitter.com/#!/Nelly_Mo/status/80101437081780224"]

[blackbirdpie url="http://twitter.com/#!/JordinSparks/status/80103559768711168"]

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It's your typical hip-hop love story, really. Rapper falls for video vixen. Rapper and vixen move in together and try to start a family. Rapper and vixen get into altercation, leading to a miscarriage and an arrest. Rapper releases song describing incident in great detail and accusing vixen of cheating with NFL running back. Rapper calls into radio station to respond to vixen's allegations of him being a wife-beater and a murderer. It's been an absolutely ridiculous saga between Joe Budden and Esther Baxter this year, and this last part was perhaps the craziest yet, as Budden called in to New York hip-hop station Hot 97 to talk with DJ Funkmaster Flex about Baxter's recent statements about how Budden's abuse of her led to the death of their unborn daughter.

The interview started on awkward enough footing, as Flex brought up a past beef which he and Budden supposedly had related to the rapper's recent feud with the Wu-Tang Clan, which he casually laughed off, despite Flex making it clear that he thought there was legitimate bad blood there. He went on to discuss "Ordinary Love Shit, Pt. 3," the song that first aired out all his drama with Baxter, and addressed Baxter's allegations, saying "I never ever ever ever EVER hit her....I'd never do that to her." As for the photos that Baxter posted, supposedly showing the bruises that Budden inflicted upon her, the rapper was unmoved. "I'm a man," he explained. "If I woulda beat you, you'd be in the ER. Something would be broke, something would be hurt." Uh, touché.

The weirdness continued throughout, as Budden cited an incident with Baxter refusing to talk to him over Skype as the smoking gun in her cheating on him ("I'm like, the SLS is a damn near five-star hotel. You tellin' me the wi-fi's down?"), expressed sympathy for Chris Brown ("He really got put through the ringer") after undergoing a mini-twitter feud with the R&B singer, and unconvincingly claimed that the breakup was a "piece of cake" compared to his split years back with model Tahiry, saying "I just needed to detach myself—thank God I'm good at that." (Both quotes caused Flex to giggle incredulously, an extremely understandable reaction.)

Check out both parts of the interview below, and if you've missed "Ordinary Love Shit, Pt. 3" thusfar, be sure to rectify that situation as well underneath.

Part 1:

Part 2:

"Ordinary Love Shit, Pt. 3"