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Joe Exotic Wants Carole Baskin to Get Him Out of Prison

The woman he tried to have killed has offered an olive branch, but Joe Exotic wants the whole tree.

Just over a year on from the world's introduction to Tiger King, Joe Exotic — AKA Joseph Maldonado-Passage — is still in prison, and he is seeking an unlikely partnership to win his freedom.

Having failed to secure a pardon from Donald Trump because he was, in Joe's words, "too innocent and too gay to deserve a pardon from Trump," he's now turning to the most unlikely of sources for help: Carole Baskin.

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You Can't Change My Mind: Carole Baskin and Hillary Clinton Are the Same Person

Isn't it weird how you've never seen them in the same room?

This summer Hulu announced that the streaming service will be producing a new drama called Rodham.

The show will imagine an alternate version of Hillary Rodham's life in which she never married Bill Clinton. It's interesting enough as a premise, and it will probably get a lot of buzz. My only problem is that I already watched it in March, back when it was called Tiger King.

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Joe Exotic Says He's Dying in Prison, Compares Himself to George Floyd

The former operator of the G.W. Zoo, and star of Tiger King is apparently being deprive of medication and blood transfusions.

To those who haven't painted him a martyr, Joe Exotic of Tiger King fame is a selfish, entitled, cruel, and violent man.

Exotic—real name Joseph Maldonado-Passage—deserves to face justice not only for the crimes for which he was found guilty (murder for hire as well as killing and trafficking tigers), but for numerous offenses for which he has never been charged.

Along with various acts of animal cruelty, feeding people expired meat, tanking his mother's finances, and plying desperate young men with drugs in exchange for dubiously consensual sexual relationships, many people believe that Joe was responsible for setting the 2015 fire that killed eight alligators and crocodiles and destroyed Rick Kirkham's reality show footage. He is not a good man. But if we can believe even half of the details in the three-page letter Joe wrote to his "supporters, fans, loved ones"—which was recently obtained by TMZ—he doesn't deserve the hell he's currently living through. No one does.

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Is Carole Baskin Inheriting a Haunted "Indian" Burial Ground with Tiger King Zoo?

Current owner Jeff Lowe claims there are bodies, including "a young American Indian boy," buried on the property

It was recently reported that Carole Baskin had been awarded the property of the Tiger King Zoo—formerly the G.W. Zoo—in Wynnewood, Oklahoma after a judgment found in her favor.

As fans of the Netflix docuseries Tiger King will know, her long-standing legal feud with Joe Exotic (AKA Joseph Maldonado-Passage, né Shreibvogel) over his violation of the Big Cat Rescue trademark resulted in a million dollar settlement in her favor. But for the most part Exotic managed to dodge paying Baskin through a series of illegal property transfers that temporarily protected his animal park from seizure.

Now that Exotic is in prison for attempting to have Baskin murdered—along with illegal animal trafficking and several violations of the Endangered Species Act—a judge has finally ruled that the park is hers, and she will be taking over ownership of the 16-acre property later this year. But Jeff Lowe—the park's current owner and the personification of a mid-life crisis—insists that there are no hard feelings, saying, "She deserves this property."

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Tiger King Zoo Reopens for Dangerous Stupidity Once More

Flagrant disregard for social distancing is the latest in the park's history of reckless neglect


This week Tiger King Zoo reopened for business, in perhaps the most thrillingly stupid appeal to Tiger King fans since Nicolas Cage was cast as Joe Exotic.

The zoo—more accurately an animal park, as it is not accredited by the AZA— was previously known as the G.W. Zoo and was the site of Joe Exotic's insanity in the hit Netflix Documentary Tiger King. For some weeks it was shut down, along with most non-essential businesses, as part of Oklahoma's effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. But now Tiger King Zoo has received permission to resume operations on the condition that staff and guests follow CDC guidelines on social distancing and sanitation. Upon opening the gates, it immediately became clear that neither staff nor guests had intention to comply.

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Is Carole Baskin Really "Just as Bad as Joe Exotic"?

Tiger King depicted Baskin's Big Cat Rescue as equivalent to Joe Exotic's zoo, but that's far from the truth.

If Netflix's hit documentary Tiger King could be said to have one villain (twist: they're all villains), it's Carole Baskin.

Apart from any speculation about her past crimes, the documentary did a good job of selling the perspective that her so-called "sanctuary" was equivalent to the blatantly exploitative and inhumane operations of figures like Joe Exotic and Doc Antle. Rick Kirkham, the TV producer who sought to turn Joe's life into a reality show put it bluntly, calling her "just as bad as Joe [Exotic]," and asserting that "They were both, you know, taking advantage of exotic animals to make money."

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