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Surprise Couple John Mulaney and Olivia Munn Announce ... a Baby?

No shame if you forgot they were even still dating

The face of a father-to-be

John Mulaney just announced that he and Olivia Munn are having a baby.

Congratulations to the still-strange Hollywood couple on their surprise announcement. The couple is defined, at this point, by surprises — the biggest one of all being that they are still together.

When the pair were first spotted together, many people didn't even believe they were dating.

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An Abundance of Olivias: A Guide to Telling Apart Famous Olivias

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(Left to Right): Olivia Munn, Olivia Wilde. Olivia Rodrigo

When the news broke on Friday May 14th that John Mulaney had started dating Olivia Munn only days after his divorce was announced, the internet had many questions — how did the relationship come about (yes, in a church, but like … how)? Was there any pre-divorce overlap? Is this the latest iteration of the Pete Davidson Effect?

But mostly, who is Olivia Munn?

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End Times Update 5/22: John Mulaney, Billy Porter, and UFOs

One clone's perspective on pop culture.

Each week one of Popdust's disposable clones — grown in a vault deep beneath the Mojave desert — is exposed to the outside world through a relentless feed of news, pop culture, and social media.

The arduous process accelerates their dissolution back into an amorphous clone slurry. But before they go, they leave behind a document of what they've absorbed and what they've learned — a time capsule preserving a single moment in the slow-motion collapse of civilization. We call these, End Times Updates...

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What's Going On with John Mulaney and Olivia Munn?

Just after announcing his divorce, John Mulaney has already moved on ... with Olivia Munn?

Another victim of the Pete Davidson Effect has been revealed: Olivia Munn.

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John Mulaney Files for Divorce

The comedian is splitting from his wife of six years, makeup artist Anna Marie Tendler.

John Mulaney and wife Anna Marie Tendler are splitting after six years of marriage.

The news follows the comedian's recent 60-day stay in rehabilitation for alcohol and cocaine use. Sources told Page Six that Mulaney asked for a divorce three months ago.

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Why John Mulaney Is the Perfect Elder Millennial

The comedian entered rehab this week – and we love him all the more.

John Mulaney on stage

In many ways, comedian John Mulaney is the perfect model of an elder millennial.

From his dry, self-deprecating humor to his nihilistic social commentary, the 38-year-old has become "the golden boy of comedy" by making spot-on observations about life's absurdities while falling short of the activism that characterizes Gen Z. Compared to Zoomers, we're not that hopeful, damnit – We're Millennials and everything sucks, so please refill our Adderall.

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