Jon Batiste Rocks The Ship On His “Uneasy Tour”

“We can win, we can win, we can win, we can win.” – Jon Batiste

Jon Batiste's “Uneasy Tour” at Beacon Theatre NYC (Photo by Molloy)

UPDATE 3/22/2024 - Jon Batiste Hits Radio City Music Hall, NYC Sat, Sept 7th 8pm - TICKETS ON SALE: Fri, Mar 22@10am EDT


Fresh from his incandescent performance of "It Never Went Away" at the 96th Academy Awards, the highly acclaimed, multi-talented Jon Batiste heated things up, then tore them down at NYC’s Beacon Theater on Tuesday, March 19th.

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Biggest Winners at the 2022 Grammys

A recap of the night and a reminder of what all this pomp and circumstance is truly all about

Dua Lipa and Meg Thee Stallion, Grammys 2022

via Recording Academy / ViaCom CBS

“Wait … it’s the Grammys?”

When the Grammys’ sultry red carpet unfurled, this seemed to be social media’s overwhelming question. I mean what a shocking surprise. And indeed, it seems that the award show is getting less and less relevant each year.

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Jon Batiste Dances the Night Away In New Single "I Need You"​

The single's video finds Batiste attempting to woo a young woman at an art gallery when suddenly a painting depicting a 1930s party comes to life.

As Stephen Colbert's charismatic bandleader, Jon Batiste is no stranger to commanding our attention.

The soulful crooner just released a spritely new single on Friday titled "I Need You," a bouncy and jubilant ode to the power of love in a time of crisis. The single is an infectious amalgamation of pop, swing music, and hip-hop, and Batiste's music video is as fun as the track itself.

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