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Who Is Awful Enough to Replace Meghan McCain on "The View"?

With the most irritating co-host on her way out, The View needs to find a new most irritating co-host.

The View

Since 1997 The View has offered diverse perspectives on current events and political issues from a panel of accomplished women with backgrounds in journalism and the entertainment industry.

And since 2017, the show has also featured Meghan McCain. But as she announced on Thurdsay, July 1, 2021, that the current season will be her last.

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The Persistence of Blackface Makes This Gucci Sweater Racist

The Virginia leadership, Fox's Megyn Kelly, The View's Joy Behar: What keeps drawing people to blackface?

Gucci's offensively high prices were overshadowed this week by the galling racism of its "blackface sweater," as it's been deemed by the public.

The high-end brand released a $890 "wool balaclava sweater," which is essentially a black turtleneck with a mouth cut out surrounded by cartoonish, red lips. Immediate backlash critiqued the apparel's resemblance to blackface caricatures.

In response, Gucci pulled the sweater from stores and online. In a statement issued on Twitter, the brand gave a generic, obligatory apology, stating, "Gucci deeply apologizes for the offense caused by the wool balaclava jumper...We consider diversity to be a fundamental value to be fully upheld, respected, and at the forefront of every decision we make." They add, "We are fully committed to increasing diversity throughout our organization and turning this incident into a powerful learning moment for the Gucci team and beyond."

The label doesn't share how the concept was approved in the first place, nor do they even acknowledge the disconcerting resemblance to racist minstrel imagery that proliferated well into the 20th century. Film producer Tariq Nasheed panned the apology on Twitter, posting, "So @gucci puts out a sweater that looks like blackface...On Black History Month...And then issues an apology because they didn't know that blackface images are racist."

Unfortunately, the racial insensitivity of blackface seems to be a trending topic this year, with two Virginian politicians exposed for donning blackface during their college careers. Governor Ralph Northam confessed to donning blackface in the 1980s as part of a Michael Jackson costume. Soon after, Attorney General Mark Herring admitted to wearing blackface at a 1980 undergraduate party where he dressed as rapper Kurtis Blow. In entertainment, Megyn Kelly was fired from Fox late last year for defending blackface (and "whiteface," which is not a thing) as parts of Halloween costumes. On top of this, recently dug up footage of The View captures Joy Behar showing off a photo of herself in an old Halloween costume as a "beautiful African woman" and dark makeup ("I was so cute!" she says).

What keeps drawing people to blackface?

David Pilgrim, director of the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia, says it could start out as naive curiosity: "You get an opportunity to walk like, talk like, look like what you imagine black people to be." But Dwandalyn Reece of the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture points out, "they're not really trying to understand how the stereotypes work."

And as Gucci's bloodless apology demonstrates, "people don't seem to learn the lesson." Reece critiques that these incidents repeat because people mistakenly think they can separate blackface from the history of slavery and Jim Crow oppression that birthed it. "When you reduce someone to a stereotype," Reece adds, "it is a way of distancing yourself from them." Blackface, in particular, dehumanizes an entire racial community into a costume–or just an ugly, $890 sweater.


Meg Hanson is a Brooklyn-based writer, teacher and jaywalker. Find Meg at her website and on Twitter @megsoyung.

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Joy Behar shades Kelly Ripa for being a drama queen over Michael Strahan’s exit from Live with Kelly and Michael—it's called show business not show therapy

Joy Behar shades Kelly Ripa for being so damn dramatic—and we just love her even more for doing so.

The 73-year-old really is the Queen of telling it like it is, and rarely disappoints with her sharp and insightful barbs.

Hang on—on a side note…

Wait? Whaat?

Joy Behar is 73-years old?

WTFF? That’s insane—girlfriend looks amazing!

Behar has seen her share of on-and-off camera diva antics over the years.

Let’s face it—she’s been a co-host on the View since it first started airing in 1997—in addition to heading up her own shows previously and since.

So, she’s in a pretty good position to weigh in on the recent Kelly Ripa/Michael Strahan drama.

As Popdust previously reported, Ripa was reportedly furious after learning her co-host of four years was leaving the popular breakfast show.

Ripa immediately pulled a sickie—refusing to go into work the next day, orchestrating a week-long breakfast show stand-off.

When she finally, triumphantly, returned to air, Kelly engaged in some truly cringe-worthy grandstanding.

Firmly clutching Strahan’s hand, she launched into a condescending "heart-felt" speech, that made clear who was the real boss around these parts.

For his part, Strahan took it like a man, super-cute gap-toothed smile firmly in place throughout.

Now, in Kelly’s defense, she was completely blindsided by news of Strahan's exit, and found out at the exact same time Disney went public with the announcement.

Which is pretty damn shitty.

But, as far as Behar’s concerned, Ripa needs to just get over herself.

Because, that’s show business folks!

Behar tells Page Six:

I’ve been summarily fired so many times with nary a word to me.

It’s called show business, not show therapy.

Joy Behar, telling it like it is since 1984...

And, THAT is why we love, love, love her!

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joy behar kardashians terrorism Joy Behar Links Kardashians To Terrorism—And We Can’t Fault Her For It

Joy Behar might be on to something here—The View host linked the Kardashians to terrorism during the Hot Topics segment of the show earlier today, and we can’t fault her for it quite frankly.

Jesus Christ folks, calm the fuck down. She was joking, clearly…

ISIS are all about the Real Housewives

As if any self-respecting terrorist would watch those reality TV brutes—as anyone with even an ounce of sense knows, ISIS are all about the Real Housewives—they’ve even learned a torture trick or two from watching Teresa Giudice in action.

How Real Are The Kardashians? Kourtney Plastic Surgery Exegesis

Behar made her observation during a discussion about Kendall and Caitlyn Jenner fighting over who deserves the most media attention.

Keeping up with the media whore drama joy behar kardashians terrorism

The segment kicked off with a video clip, from this week’s upcoming episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, showing Kendall, getting ready for her big Victoria’s Secret debut, all while fighting with Caitlyn over the phone.

How Real Are The Kardashians? Kris Jenner Plastic Surgery Exegesis

“Hi dad. I’m very mad at you about something,” Kendall says. “Did you publicly… did you have your publicist announce that you were going [to the show]?

“Because I don’t know how everyone knows and now it’s a huge story, and now I’m actually really pissed at you. You’re going to take the biggest night of my life and take it away from me? Thank you!

How Real Are The Kardashians? Kendall Jenner Plastic Surgery Exegesis

“No you can’t! You can come to the fucking after party! You can’t come,” she concludes.

Throughout the heated exchange, Kylie Jenner is seen sitting in front of a mirror looking at herself, of course, as is big sister Khloe, who manages at one point to break away from pouting at her reflection in order to start furiously texting/tweeting/instagramming/whatever, presumably about the unfolding drama.

Joy Behar Kardashians terrorism link

“This is why the terrorists hate us,” Behar quipped. “I’m convinced of it. This show is making them hate us.”


Everything You Never Wanted To Know About The Kardashians Pubic Hair

The other hosts were quick to jump in with their opinions on the Kardashians scourge.

“If I would have said any types of those words to my family or cussed out my transgender father, I would have gotten smacked in the face,” Raven-Symone opined. “Watch your mouth.”

“As a mom, I really try hard not to upstage my kids. I try not to compete with them,” guest host Sunny Hostin said.

News Anchor Walks Off The Set As He’s So Sick Of The Kardashians—Watch!

"I don’t condone the way she was speaking to him," Candace Cameron Bure chimed in. "I agreed with [Kendall] … as a parent, I would never want to upstage my child for her big debut."

One narcissist in the family is more than enough

"Caitlyn wants some attention too now," Behar added. "One narcissist in the family’s enough!"

Kanye West Wants You To Know He Does NOT Like It In The Ass, OK?

Amen to that Ms Behar.

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Regular Popdust readers are doubtlessly familiar with our longstanding theory that Pitbull has never actually had sex. If our suspicions are correct, then today was a momentous day in the life of the Miami rapper: This afternoon Pitbull got to second base, for what may have been the first time in his life.

The place: The New York studios of The View, where Pitbull had stopped by for a casual chat. The consenting partner: 70-year-old Joy Behar, who invited Mr. Worldwide to manually explore her chestular region after a chat of his sexual preferences. Here's the crucial moment:

Pitbull otherwise acquitted himself quite well in the sexually suggestive discussion, calling himself "single, bilingual and ready to mingle" and never once comparing the feel of a woman's breasts to bags of sand.

For the full video, head over to Jezebel.