Justin Timberlake

All you need to know.

Full Name: Justin Randall Timberlake

Date of Birth: January 31, 1981

Born: Memphis, TN

Occupation: Singer, actor, producer

Status: Married to Jessica Biel (2012)

Children: 1

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RELEASE RADAR | Justin Timberlake releases Man of The Woods and more

PLUS -- Mt. Joy, Felmax, Alfred Hall, Hill, Soft White Sixties, Livvia, and Great Peacock

Justin Timberlake - Man of the Woods (Official Video)

We've been waiting and the day is finally here. Justin Timberlake released "Man of The Woods" this morning and it's everything we hoped for. Though JT is definitely in a new phase stylistically, he maintains the effortlessly sexy essence of his music. It's exactly the JT 2018 update you'd want and expect. Along with Justin Timberlake, we're really into these new releases from: Mt. Joy, Felmax, Alfred Hall, Hill, Soft White Sixties, Livvia, and Great Peacock. Check out what we have to say on this week's hottest new releases.

Justin Timberlake | "Say Something"

One of my favorite songs from the new album is "Say Something." Released as the second single from the album, this song feels really different for Justin Timberlake. Not only does it feel way more stripped down, his unique collaboration with country star and recent Grammy winner Chris Stapleton is surprising but in a great way.

The song explicitly talks about the struggle of knowing when to say something in the face of wrong doing. The song explores the negatives and positives of being vocal in our super vocal/outspoken society. Other than having a really interesting message, the song is really catchy. It's a great one to blast loud when you're in your feelings.

Best for: Making a decision big or small.
Perfect if you like: Chris Stapleton

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RELEASE RADAR | Justin Timberlake Is Dropping His First Album In 4 Years

Plus -- SUMif, VÉRITÉ, Beechwood, R. Finn, Samzen, Andrea Gibson, Natalie Shay

2018 is already a blessing.

He's still bringing sexy back and we're here for it!!!!

Justin Timberlake just announced that he has a new album Man on The Woods coming out on February 2nd and we're already feeling optimistic about the new year! I'm sitting here smiling listening to one of my favorite JT albums 20/20 Experience patiently awaiting the album release. Timberlake recently released "Can't Stop This Feeling" which at a glance was super disappointing (to me at least) after coming from the work of art that 20/20 is. Eventually it grew on me the way any pop ear worm would, but that doesn't mean I'm not SO ready for JT to release something else. His new single "Filthy" dropped today and it's like the old JT is back. Along with JT's epic release, we have new releases from SUMif, VÉRITÉ, Beechwood, R. Finn, Samzen,

Watch the trailer for the album here.

Justin Timberlake | "Filthy"

I cautiously pressed play and was not disappointed. "Filthy" reminds me of the old Justin in an entirely new way. While the song has the dark, sexy elements of his last album 20/20 Experience, it's percussive nature is new and something to celebrate. This banger will be on my playlist all January long. I'm so excited for the new album!

Best for: Dance party to stay warm in the Bomb Cyclone
Perfect if you like: well, JT... or NSYNC

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