Winter Beauty Trend Alert: Slicked-Back Hair

Between Zendaya and Tom Holland, HoYeon Jung, Timothee Chalamet, and more, our hair inspo boards say slick it back

A Masterclass in Heartthrob Hair

via Spider-Man Photocall

Thinking about: heartthrob hair.

Each era has its own iteration of fashion and — alongside that — unique beauty and grooming trends. Yet somehow, between the mess of mullets and man buns and more, heartthrob hair is a constant.

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Culture Feature

People Who Want Joe Jonas's Disembodied Hand Should Be Put on a List

Who would want this, and why is Expedia giving away 250 of them?

Have you ever loved a celebrity so much that you wanted their autograph?

Okay, that's pretty normal stuff. What about a lock of hair? An item of clothing? A severed hand?

We are now officially in serial killer territory, and for some reason Expedia and Joe Jonas are condoning it with their "Helping Hand" giveaway. The travel company teamed up with the "Cake by the Ocean" singer to offer 250 lucky "fans" — in this case referring to the original meaning of "fanatics," e.g. uncomfortably obsessive people — a molded replica of Jonas's right hand.

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No Justin, Not the Dreads

Culture Vulture Justin Bieber just debuted his newest offense: dreadlocks

Justin Bieber, what is going on?

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This Haunts Me: Justin Bieber Hoped Anne Frank Was a "Belieber"

8 years ago today, Justin Bieber, while in the midst of a European tour, stopped by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and left a shudder-inducing note in the museum's guest book.

Anne Frank Justin Bieber

Taking shots at Justin Bieber these days feels cheap.

This publication in particular has done a number on the Biebs over the years. But from his long-standing association with an anti-LGBTQ church to his white-washed calls for unity, his tokenization of Black struggles, and his hushed marginalization of women, it's hard not to criticize the singer when his actions have long been so blatantly problematic.

Now, yet another recent front-page profile via GQ has attempted to dissect Bieber's past actions and justify his "struggle," bringing back memories of a time when pop culture's Bieber-related vitriol was primarily self-inflicted. 8 years ago today, Justin Bieber, while in the midst of a European tour, stopped by the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam and left a shudder-inducing note in the museum's guest book. "Truly inspiring to be able to come here," he wrote. "Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a 'Belieber.'"

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Music Reviews

Culture Vulture Justin Bieber Is at It Again with His Surprise Gospel EP, "Freedom"

Justin Bieber has not learned from his last album's criticism and is back with a Gospel EP to take on cancel culture.

Should've kept this one in drafts JB

Justin Bieber has not learned his lesson. After releasing his most recent album Justice, Justin received backlash for using clips of MLK speeches to add the illusion of activism to an album which was ostensibly just full of love songs to his wife.

Despite repurposing Martin Luther King Jr. speeches in a vague overture to social awareness, Justice failed to actually say anything meaningful. The record was admittedly his best since Purpose, but the haphazard combination of love songs and pseudo-activism was problematic at best and willfully ignorant at worst.

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Music Reviews

Justin Bieber Using MLK Speeches in “Justice” Is Not the Activism He Thinks It Is

Justin Bieber's new album feels part pop, part christian rock, and part … social activism?

In his latest album, Justice, Justin Bieber seems to think his love for Hailey Bieber and God (in that order) will change the world.

Following the theme of his Grammy nominated 2020 album Changes, Justice is a series of love songs. However, the new album differs in its focus. His love for Hailey is still devotional, but it's less about desire and more grounded, focused on forgiveness and redemption.

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