After a week full of 60+ degree weather in New York, I'm officially ready to slam the laptop shut and enter the weekend. I'm bathing suit shopping online, I'm spending time basking in the short-lived early spring weather, and I'm gearing up to make another playlist to get through the weekend.

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Whether you are ready or not, we are officially in 2024. It’s okay if you’ve already abandoned your overambitious resolutions for more plausible goals — or if you’ve just given up entirely. There’s always next year.

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When I was younger, I knew of two ways to get music: the legal way, paying $0.99 (and then $1.25) for songs on iTunes, and the illegal way, paying $0 to download the pirated versions on Limewire...Don't lie, you had your ways, too.

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Ted Cruz

Nathan Posner/Shutterstock

Ted Cruz shocked and horrified America when news broke that in the midst of a terrible power outage and winter storm in Texas, the state he represents, he dipped out for Cancún.

Now, fellow Texan Kacey Musgraves has found a unique way to support her home state. Musgraves has been selling shirts reading ""CRUZIN' FOR A BRUZIN'" on her website for $29.99 a pop, with each shirt's profits donated to aid effort for Texans affected by the storm.

"All proceeds will directly support Texans affected by the storm and also to homeless immigrants seeking shelter and food," Musgraves wrote. Shirts can be purchased here.

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Music Lists

Harry Styles' 8 Best Covers

The former One Direction member is the musical chameleon we don't deserve.

Harry Styles - Juice (Lizzo cover) in the Live Lounge

With his two solo albums, Harry Styles has proven that he was always One Direction's strongest link.

The boy band's final performance in 2015 opened the doors for Styles to come into his own. Turns out, his solo artistic persona is pretty chameleonic. He channels classic rock as easily as he does pop and R&B. He can deliver soaring ballads with the same energy he devotes to high-energy barnburners. All of this is to say: Styles is a singular talent with a versatile voice and an undeniable charisma that multiplies his appeal.

Though his original work is typically great, Styles has also performed numerous impressive renditions of other artists' hits. From '70s folk to modern hits, we've rounded up the ex-1D member's best covers.

Joni Mitchell’s “Big Yellow Taxi”

Joni Mitchell's biggest hit got another breath of life when it was covered by Counting Crows in 2002. Though the band gave the environmentally-conscious tune a more adult alternative spin, Styles takes it back to its singer-songwriter origins with a fully acoustic setup. The harmony during the chorus adds a special touch.

Weezer at The Hella Mega Tour

Photo by Meng Christophe-ABACA-Shutterstock

The Frozen 2 soundtrack features beloved acts such as Kacey Musgraves and Panic! at the Disco, but Weezer's version of "Lost in the Woods" is an unholy force of 80s power ballads and 90s nostalgia.

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