During her interview with The Breakfast Club on Monday, Kamala Harris initiated compelling discussions on mass incarceration, the United States' housing crisis and mental health reform.

All three hosts were on board, and it seemed like everything was going according to plan. When the conversation naturally took a turn towards marijuana legalization, Kamala Harris made her stance very clear:

"I believe we need to legalize marijuana." Cool. Great.

"We need to research the impact of weed on the developing brain." Absolutely! Yes.

"The other issue we gotta address is impairment...in terms of driving." You got it Kamala, I am on board.

"Have you ever smoked?" Charlamagne Tha God asked.

"I have," Kamala replied with haste, "A joint...in college." Just one joint? Whatever Kamala, no judgement. It's all good.

"I did inhale." Ok, yes that is how you smoke Kamala. Appreciate the Bill Clinton dig though.

"I just broke loose." Alright Kamala, let's settle down a bit, it was one joint.

"What was you listening to when you was high?" Charlamagne Tha God asked bluntly.

"Definitely Snoop, Tupac for sure."


As many now know, Harris graduated from Howard University in 1986. Tupac's first album didn't come out till 1991. Snoop's Doggystyle wasn't released till 1993. What's going on here Kamala? Judging by how fast she answered, it seems like she told herself, "Ok Kamala, you're in too deep now. Say something that will make you seem hip. Anything."

Kamala, I'm sure you're a wonderful person, but we all know you didn't smoke weed, you'd love to lock up people that do, and that you most definitely spent your days listening to Tears for Fears and Bryan Adams on repeat. It's cool that you see and understand the plant's benefits, but that's not enough to justify the fact you're clearly a narc. Just be yourself Kamala; the kids will love you if you just legalize weed and let them keep their juul pods. And ya know, don't send them all to prison.

Check out the full interview below.

Update: Charlamagne Tha God has come out in defense of Harris, saying the quote was blown out of proportion. She's still a cop though.

Mackenzie Cummings-Grady is a creative writer who resides in the Brooklyn area, Mackenzie's work has previously appeared in The Boston Globe, Billboard, and Metropolis Magazine. Follow him on Twitter @mjcummingsgrady.

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