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7 Reasons You Should Not Vote for Kanye West for President

A vote for Kanye is a vote for the spoiler effect.

When Kanye West announced he was running for president on July 4th 2020, most people thought it was just a joke or maybe a publicity stunt.

But he will now officially appear on the ballot in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri and is making an effort to appear on several other states' ballots. However, that doesn't mean you should consider him to be a viable candidate, and here's why:

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12 of the Best Political Voices in Hip-Hop

There's a potent strain of leftist politics woven into the history of rap and hip hop, and these artists have been pushing it harder than ever in recent years.

With all the negative attention that Kanye West has been earning for himself in recent days...and months...and years, it's important to remember that he is a political outlier.

The vast majority of the time when rappers involve themselves in politics, they do not align themselves with figures like Donald Trump. There is a long tradition of hip hop artists using their platforms to call attention to important social movements and endorse liberatory left-wing politics.

These 12 artists are some of the most significant voices in hip hop and politics who have made serious efforts to spread important messages, and in some cases have done a lot more than that.

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Kirsten Dunst Did Not Endorse Kanye West. Does He Know Who She Is?

Kanye West tweeted a poster for his presidential campaign that inexplicably featured Kirsten Dunst and Anna Wintour.

Vanity Fair

Kanye West—rapper, producer, fashion icon, and pawn of the Donald Trump reelection campaign—is still "walking" for president.

In a recent series of tweets, he shared the progress of his 2020 presidential campaign. Among the updates were a list of the 10 states where he has been approved for the ballot—thankfully no battleground states yet—and a meeting with some very old, very white campaign staff.

But the most exciting post—at least for fans of Sam Raimi's early 2000s Spider-Man movies—was a new scrolling campaign poster featuring his obvious (but also perfect) slogan "2020 Vision" and images of happy people, including a 2002 image of actress Kirsten Dunst.

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