A Defense of Face Tattoos (and a Few Cautionary Tales)

Face tattoos are far from just SoundCloud trends.

Face tattoos have a pretty bad rap.

We love to make fun of them, laughing at the knowledge that there are people out there who are going to be stuck with a garish numerical figure on their foreheads or a phrase like "Always Tired" under their eyes for the rest of their lives.

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On the other hand, tattoos in general have always received harsh criticism. Though every millennial seems to have at least a few fine-line arm tattoos nowadays, all over the world and in many faiths, tattoos are sacrilegious, evidence of Satan's corrupting influence or its many iterations. Thus, tattoos have always been mechanisms of subversion and counterculture, whether as markers of membership in certain groups, or monikers of individuality, or signifiers of devotion to a certain kind of art or person. They've been ways of reclaiming or altering one's physical appearance, ways of taking ownership of a body that, all too often, capitalism and the media try to devour or force to align with some standard.

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By Leah Ornstein,

Getting horrifyingly ugly tattoos on their body isn’t good enough for some celebrities—they have to take their love of awful body art to the extreme by getting their mugs permanently marked.

Whether or not Mike Tyson started the trend with his infamous face tattoo, we will never know, but it is quite clear that a few handfuls of famous singers, reality stars and athletes have also gone under the needle.

From Gucci logos and ice cream cones to symbols of God and teardrops, Popdust has photos of a bunch of famous people with super fugly face tattoos.

There’s no doubting Miley Cyrus’ love for her grandma.

And, now, thanks to her latest tattoo—the love is sealed in ink—forever.

The 20-year-old has added to her ever expanding ink collection by getting grandma Loretta’s face tattooed on her forearm—and Popdust has photos.


In true Miley style, she posted the pics on Instagram— along with the caption, “Because I am her favorite & she is mine.”

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Cyrus enlisted the services of Kat Von D for her 19th tattoo and the reality star shared snaps of her work in progress on her Instagram page.


Miley chose a vintage portrait of her beloved grandma taken at around the same age as the singer is now.

And, it looks like Miley won’t be stopping her tattoo love affair anytime soon.


“Yesterday was a day of making music, tattooing, and hangin w friends... Gonna repeat that today!” She tweeted Tuesday.

Well, it's bound to get a little bit overshadowed by the other major breakup in pop music this weekend, but at least there's a little more personal divulging in this one. Superstar DJ deadmau5—real name Joel Zimmerman, apparently—has split with TV-famous tattoo artist Kat Von D, linked previously to the likes of Nikki Sixx and Jesse James, after a couple months of dating.

Unlike Justin and Selena, who have let the terms and conditions of their public breakup be dictated by PR people and Anonymous Sources, Kat and mau5 (and damn, was that a cute couple name) have taken to Twitter to explain their sides of the breakup. Sez Kat:





Thanks for the clarification. Now, sez mau5:




Not a ton of detail but at least there doesn't seem to be any question as to who's at fault. It's more satisfying than the one "..." Lockerz message posted by Selena as our only clue as to their breakup's root cause, anyway.

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