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Kate Hudson's Meditating Daughter Is Going to Be a Jedi

Kate Hudson and Danny Fujikawa are raising a future Jedi Knight.


In the first and therefore best movie in the Star Wars universe — Episode I – The Phantom Menace — a young Anakin Skywalker is declared, by the Jedi council, too old to be trained.

At roughly nine years old, this seems strange — especially since Luke in A New Hope (AKA Star Wars),was not even aware that Force powers existed before the age of 19. But the Jedi, fundamentally a religious order of ascetic monks, subscribe to the belief that training in the temperament and discipline of a Jedi Knight must begin as early as possible.

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Sia is finally back with new music.

The pop singer-songwriter famous for her long blonde bangs has just released "Together," a new single from her forthcoming album and film, both of which are titled "Music." The new rainbow-colored music video features Kate Hudson, Leslie Odom Jr. and Sia's longtime muse, Maddie Ziegler.

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'Almost Famous' Coming to Broadway!

The popular 2000 film is returning for a live rendition

It has been 18 (yes 18!) years since Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous became an instant classic.

The semi-autographical film was beloved (and still is) by movie and music fans who love the idea of passion and performance lived out by young people determined to make their dreams come true, through riveting rock-and-roll-led lives.

If you've never seen the movie, W Magazine sums it up: "Almost Famous follows the journey of a 15-year-old boy who lands a once-in-a-lifetime assignment from Rolling Stone to write about a rising rock band. The assignment leads to a life-changing experience for the main character as he navigates professionalism and being swept up in the rock scene himself. The story was, in fact, a fictional version of Crowe's experience working for the publication in the 1970s." Sounds like Broadway gold, and that's exactly what is in the works.

As Deadline reports, "The project was confirmed by producers Lia Vollack on behalf of Columbia Live Stage, Joey Parnes, Sue Wagner and John Johnson. The new musical will feature a book by Crowe based on his Academy Award-winning screenplay, music by Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award winner Tom Kitt (Next to Normal), lyrics by Kitt and Crowe, and directed by Jeremy Herrin (People, Places and Things)."

The cast of the movie was a "cool crowd" collection of up-and-comers and seasoned actors who had chemistry and charisma, making the people on screen as fascinating as the plot. From Billy Crudup to Kate Hudson to Philip Seymour Hoffman to Frances McDormand, the all-star line up made this film one to watch, and still holds its own nearly two decades later.

Rather than a reboot or a sequel, the story is sure to succeed on The Great White Way. While the cast will change, the storyline will be just as captivating, set in the '70s and wrapped up in the rock star way of life. The live music aspect of the Broadway version is sure to add even more authenticity as we watch the performers give their all to the "groupies" in the audience.

The screenplay for Almost Famous won an Oscar, giving the Broadway version a Tony to try for. But when can we get tickets? So far, there is "no official timeline for the project's release," as reported by W Magazine. But when the wheels are in motion, it won't be long until the seats cost hundreds and critics are all over the latest show of the moment.

Will Hudson have a cameo? As Vanity Fair notes, " No word yet on the cast, but expect plenty of attention around the casting for Penny Lane, the role that earned Kate Hudson an Oscar nomination and may still be the gold standard for cinematic dream girls." Can we expect new music or theatrical twists? Something special is sure to arise, making the Broadway rendition of Almost Famous fined-tuned and fresh.

Stay tuned 'till more news emerges about this highly-anticipated Broadway show. Rent the movie and watch it again and remember why you loved it so much back in 2000.

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Instagram Co-Founders Resign

Bert and Ernie, More than "Just Friends?"

Michael Kors is thisclose to Buying Versace

This Fathers' Day, Oliver Hudson captioned an old school shot of himself and sister Kate Hudson with their dead beat biological dad, actor and musician Bill Hudson.

"Happy abandonment day... @katehudson,"

There is definitely a long history of bad blood from the Hudson kids towards their biological father.  Back in 2000, Kate had these choice words for her estranged dad:

"[Bill Hudson] doesn't know me from a hole in the wall. But I don't care. I have a dad [Russell]. The bottom line is, you call your kids on their f—king birthday. I'm glad I had a dad who was there on my birthday."

Bill Hudson is unremorseful though, he described Kate as a “spoiled brat” in his 2011 memoir, 2 Versions: The Other Side of Fame and Family, saying  "I love Kate, but…she has done stuff which is just awful. She is a spoiled brat in my eyes.”

He confessed, "I don't want to make it sound like I was the ideal father because, of course, I wasn't, there were times when I was touring and I wasn't able to get to the kids, but that was part of our agreement to work things out between us."

On the flip side, on Sunday Kate and Oliver gushed over Kurt Russell, whom they both consider to be their real dad.

Kate and "real dad," Kurt Russell

"Pa, just simply..... Thank you Happy Fathers Day I love you to the moon and back. #HappyFathersDay," she said of the pic.

On Russell's birthday, otherwise known as St. Patrick’s Day, Kate wrote this moving tribute along with a family photo shared on Instagram:

“Today in our family we not only celebrate St Patrick’s Day but the birthday of our Pa!. Happy Birthday to the most dependable, strong, authentic, loving and fun Dad! I love you! This is a man who made his family his number one priority his whole life. Never missed a school play, a soccer game, a hockey game, a dance recital and the list goes on and on. No matter what he was doing in his busy life, he always showed up. Not because he had to but because there was no other place on earth he would rather be then with his family. We felt the purity of that our whole childhood and my gratitude for his love is immeasurable. Happy Birthday Pa.”

Oliver paid homage as well:

“Happy birthday to the greatest dad in Santa Monica. I love you more than you realize. Before you came into my life, I was only potential and you made me, forced me, to find my confidence, my independence and strive for the elusive fearlessness that you so matter of factly possess. I look up to you and always will. And when I told you I had a small penis, your answer was moving…”It's okay son, there's a snake in all of us.” Happy Birthday PA!!!!!!!!!!!,” he captioned a pic of Russell from his 1981 classic, Escape From New York.

Kurt Russell as Snake Plissken


In his book, Bill addressed his children's term of endearment for Kurt Russell as well:

"Oliver explained that his mother wanted the kids to call Kurt 'Pa' because she was creating this family, like I was Dad, but Kurt was Pa," Bill wrote. "So once again, I accepted that and just figured we could move on from there, but I sure as hell didn't like it."

We don't think this weekend's messages will improve relations much!




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Kate Hudson Sports A HUGE Camel Toe!

We're not sure which of Kate Hudson's fails were greater yesterday—the hideous leotard or the HUGE camel toe!

Kate, 36, pouting sexily with her hair flowing during an LA photo shoot for her Fabletics range, was merrily posing away, not realizing that anyone looking at the pics would only be looking at one thing.

At some point she noticed the fashion fail and covered up her crotch with her hands.

Camel Toe Prevention Is Out There Ladies!

The Bride Wars star co-founded the sportswear brand back in 2013 and likes to work out for 20-40 minutes at a time.

I guess that's one way to promote your line!



She’s not giving up on show business, but Kate Hudson has agreed to help former fiancé Matthew Bellamy decorate his new Malibu Beach house!

He’s always loved her style and what she did with their former house, a $5.3 million mock-Tudor mansion in the Pacific Palisades.

An inside source tells Popdust exclusively: “Matt is kind of hoping for a reconciliation, and he feels like if Kate spends enough time with him decorating his new house, she’ll realize that the family should be together.”

In January, Matt dropped $3.6 million on a Malibu bachelor pad.

Meanwhile, Kate, 35, is moving on with her life but excited about flexing her talents.

“She’s already looked at the space and has tons of amazing ideas! There was a time after she shot Almost Famous that she considered giving up acting to do interior design.”

Hudson and the 36 year-old Muse frontman called off their engagement in December after dating for four years. They have a three-year-old son together.

As of late, she's been doing the horizontal polka with Dancing with the Stars' Derek Hough.