Break ups are painful, it’s a sad time for all involved but generally you at least have an inkling that all may not be well in relationship paradise

Not so for Mrs Morgan Deane Smith, wife of England cricket star Graeme Smith.

He had allegedly told his wife he wanted to work on their marriage, so imagine her shock when she received a text message he had accidentally sent to her instead of his lawyer saying he wanted a divorce!


She’s not the only one to have been blindsided by a break up – here are some celebrities who just didn’t see it coming.

1. Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Williams claimed she only found out via twitter that ex hubby Kordell Stewart was divorcing her in 2013. Still she recovered from her shock and devastation by moving on with a mystery married sugar daddy who didn’t take kindly to her bragging all over Instagram about the fabulous life he was providing for her – he dumped and cut her off without warning.

Popdust’s word of advice Porsha – stay away from social media.

2. In 1998 Minnie Driver was happily dating Matt Damon – or so she thought. Settling down to watch her beau on Oprah she was more than a little taken aback to hear his response when Oprah asked him about his girlfriend. He denied he was in a relationship which came as a bit of a shock to Minnie who said;

“It seemed like a good forum for him to announce to the world that we were no longer together, which I found fantastically inappropriate”.

Popdust’s advice to Minnie – boycott Oprah and any Bourne Identity movies to be on the safe side.

3. Poor Richie Sambora, whilst (he thought) happily married to Heather Locklear in 2006 he was on stage and nipped off during the gig to do a prearranged radio interview. The interviewer asked him about a breaking story that Heather had just filed divorce papers in court in LA. He called the report completely untrue and wasn’t upset or fazed, treating it as the usual celebrity BS rumor. He went on to talk about his upcoming Valentine’s Day plans to be at home with his wife and kid. Sadly for Richie he was single come V-Day as completely unbeknownst to him, the rumor was true.

Popdust’s advice to Richie – always insist on having your wife in the audience at the gig so she can’t be sneaking down the courthouse and always have very firm holiday plans.

4. Laura Dern was living with fiancé Billy Bob Thornton when she left their home to work on a movie. She said;

“While I was away my boyfriend got married (to serial husband stealer Angelina Jolie) and I’ve never heard from him again.”

Popdust’s advice for Laura – maybe don’t get engaged to be someone’s fifth wife and advice to ALL women – never let your husband work with Angelina.

5. The marriage of Katy Perry and Russell Brand was never going to get very good odds for longevity, but even Katy was somewhat surprised to receive a text message from Brand saying he was divorcing her on New Years Eve 2011.  That was it. No explanation, no softening the blow.

Popdust’s advice to Katy –stay away from the serial narcissistic womanizers. (However, considering she’s now dating John Mayer for the second time, clearly she hasn’t learned.)

6. Everyone thought Tom Cruise would be the one to do the dumping of Katie Holmes when she’d passed her use by date (just as he did with Nicole Kidman). Imagine his surprise to find himself served with divorce papers in 2012 when Katie was away appearing in a play in New York. Five days before his 50th birthday – ouch!

Popdust’s advice to Tom – karma’s a bitch.


Last word of advice from Popdust to Graeme Smith – always store your lawyer’s number way away from your wife’s on your phone.