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We Might Have to Unstan Nirvana Now

Former Nirvana bassist NIRVANA. detail of the NEVERMIND ARTWORK Image by Kraft74 (Shutterstock) praised a recent speech from President Trump.


Image by Kraft74 (Shutterstock)

In the midst of a worldwide health crisis, Black Lives Matter protests, and a president who tear gassed citizens for a photo op, people's true colors are really showing.

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Post Malone

Photo by Nina Westervelt/Shutterstock

Did you know Post Malone was a huge Nirvana fan?

While the rapper and the iconic 90s band share little in terms of sound and style, their attitudes couldn't be more similar. Both Posty and the late Kurt Cobain's band have songs that rail against the state of society, delve into personal anxieties, and generally give a voice to a portion of a generation that feels left behind.

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