Lana Del Rey Announces New Album "Blue Banisters"

The singer-songwriter's eighth studio album arrives July 4.

Lana Del Rey has announced a release date for her eighth studio album, Blue Banisters.

Blue Banisters is set for release on July 4, making it the singer-songwriter's second album of 2021. Del Rey also shared what's believed to be the official artwork for the album, which looks a bit like it was made by a child on the PicsArt iPhone app — not that I would ever dare to disrupt her artistic vision!

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Lana Del Rey


Lana Del Rey's "Chemtrails Over The Country Club" has been released.

It's yet another hazy, escapist offering from a star who is known for her nostalgic — and sometimes regressive — portraits of American lore. Few musicians have woven so many American symbols into their music, but that's always been a part of Del Rey's modus operandi. From Jesus to Elvis, her music was always a tribute to something or someone located out of reach but made immortal by mythology and fame.

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Our favorite artists' music can feel like a glimpse into their lives, a way to connect even more deeply with the disembodied voices that sound so good to the ears.

But the music is really only one side of the person, and often, fans aren't given the opportunity to learn about the true ins and outs of an artist.

That's where books come in. Just like how fiction has the ability to transport a reader to any time or place in this universe and beyond, books written by musicians are like tickets into their mysterious lives.

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Culture Feature

We’ve Already Reached Peak White Feminism in 2021

Lukewarm activism by white women, what's new?

Photo via Angela Peoples in NYT

Lana Del Rey is at it again.

This summer she was met with severe backlash to an Instagram rant in which she claimed she, a white woman, had been unfairly criticized in the music industry for how she claimed her femininity. In one of the most cognitively dissonant statements of the year, Lana claimed that "there has to be a place in feminism for women who look and act like me."

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Culture Feature

Another Day, Another Awful Lana Del Rey Caption

Lana Del Rey just released possibly the best music video along with the worst comment of her career

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey continues to outdo herself with truly astounding levels of ineptitude.

Yet again, the artist created a fiasco for herself by posting an out-of-touch and unnecessary Instagram comment arguing just how not racist she actually is. The caption accompanied the release of the cover art and tracklist for her upcoming album, Chemtrails Over the Country Club.

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Ellen in her apology video

Proverbial "cancel culture" is not new, but it reached its zenith in 2020.

Everything was fodder for canceling and nobody was safe. People had the time to comb through old tweets and Instagram posts, while new content was prolific from every celebrity whose projects and vacations were paused.

From irresponsible pandemic comments and behavior to more serious unearthings of racism, 2020's cancellations ran a wide range when it came to who and why.

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