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9 Best Nostalgic Deep Cuts to Watch On Disney+

What to Watch When You're Not Waiting for the Next Episode of "Loki"

So you finally caved and got a Disney+ account. Or maybe you finally convinced your roommate/friend/parent to give you their password.

Whether you needed access to the exclusive content to watch Beyonce's Black Is King, Taylor Swift's Long Pond Sessions, Marvel's WandaVision (no, there will not be a Season Two unfortunately), or even High School Musical: The Musical: The Series because you're regrettably into that "drivers license" song (this is a safe space, you can admit it), you have it now, and it can be overwhelming to figure out what to watch when your series binge is over.

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Music Features

On This Day: "Killing Me Softly" Broke Up The Fugees

The single thrust Lauryn Hill into the spotlight and inspired a generation

On this day in 1996, The Fugee's quintessential hit "Killing Me Softly" debuted at number 1 in the UK. It established the trio as international superstars and, more importantly, solidified Lauryn Hill as one of the most influential creatives of 1996.

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What Happened to Duffy?

Aimee Duffy was positioned to be the next big thing in soul music. Then, a horrific act of sexual violence kept her out of the public eye.

Duffy - Mercy

Trigger Warning: This article includes mentions of violent sexual assault.

In 2009, a rising Welsh singer named Aimee Duffy won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Album.

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The name Miles Mosley may not be a household name quite yet, but the young and energetic multi-talented musician has worked with some of today's biggest stars.

From Kendrick Lamar, Kamasi Washington, Andra Day, and Jason Mraz to legends like Chris Cornell, Lauryn Hill, and Mos Def, Mosley is no stranger to the music scene. "BROTHER," the artist's first solo release, has the musical sensibilities of a veteran pop star and offers a compelling call for unity. "[It] champions the survivor not as someone who scavenges an existence but someone who was built for the very purpose of surviving," said Mosley of the track.

"It's a song about surviving the inevitable. It's intended to be an overwhelming anthem for an overwhelming time." The track features the West Coast Get Down collective and serves as the lead single off of the singer's soon to be announced 2020 album.


Ryélle Grapples with Heartbreak in "Last Call" Music Video

The R&B singer struggles with love and lack of closure in her latest music video.

After the successful release of her 2018 single "Swim," R&B singer-songwriter Ryélle is back to share a cautionary tale of love and heartbreak in her latest music video for her song "Last Call."

The single, which is heavily inspired by Drake's "Marvin's Room," tells the story of a drunken lover trying to reach their significant other to no avail. "This song was actually written over three years ago, but the storyline is pretty timeless," said the singer. "Every girl can relate to this and the frustration of dealing with a guy who is just not good for them."

The video begins with a subtle fade in on Ryélle and her lover eating together at a long wooden table. Viewers then come to realize that this is an emotionally charged memory for the singer, as she begins to sing about her former love and how the tear stains in her clothes won't come out. Despite her best efforts to ease her pain with alcohol and quick dalliances, she still finds herself giving her ex a "last call." Ryélle's signature smooth and sultry vocals take an especially emotive turn to deliver lyrics like, "They say not to mix love and liquor, but I've had both."

"The video was easy to come up with since the song tells its own story," said Ryélle. "We shot for 16 hours straight, overnight at that! But not by choice. We got kicked out of our first location and spent hours looking for a new one. In the end, it worked out and I'm very pleased with how we told the story. I hope this song can serve as a strength to anyone in a similar situation."

The visuals display Ryélle's vulnerability as she grapples with the need for closure and her yearning to be closer to the object of her affection. The video concludes with an open-ended shot of the singer lying in bed with her ex before fading to black.

Check out Ryélle's latest music video "Last Call" below!