Alfie Allen introduces "Alfie" at Glastonbury 2007

Yesterday, Alfie Allen received an Emmy nomination for his role as Theon Greyjoy on Game of Thrones.

Before Allen became an Emmy-nominated actor, he was the inspiration for his Grammy-award-winning sister, Lily Allen's, song "Alfie." Well, the Internet caught wind of the awkward, hilarious, and embarrassing sibling connection soon after his career milestone.

If you're unfamiliar with the 2006 song, this verse encapsulates the message of the lyrics:

"Oh, Alfie get up it's a brand new day
I just can't sit back and watch you waste your life away
You need to get a job because the bills need to get paid
Get off your lazy arse
Alfie, please use your brain
Surely there's some walls out there that you can go and spray
I'm feeling guilty if I leading you astray
Now, how the hell do you ever expect that you'll get laid
When all you do is stay and play on your computer games?"

Lily Allen | Alfie (Official Video - Clean Version)

Today, she shouldn't feel too bad about the tough-love since it seems to have worked out in everyone's favor. The proud sister expressed her excitement about Alfie's accomplishment by writing on her Instagram story, "My baby f**king brother is nominated for an Emmy. No one deserves it more. I am so f**king proud of him even without an Emmy nom, but OMG he has an Emmy nom. GO ALF!!!!!!!!"

We love to see it.