This Saturday at 3PM EST, Popdust will be hosting our first ever livestreamed music festival.

Check out the show on Facebook Live (RSVP here!), grab a free ticket on Eventbrite, or register on Zoom.

Check out our excellent lineup:

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The Pokemon Company

Going into Pokemon Sword and Shield, I was unimpressed with the new starter Pokemon.

Gen 8 starter evos Meh.The Pokemon Company

I normally gravitate towards fire-type starters, but Cinderace was a little too humanoid-rabbit-wearing-pants for my tastes. Inteleon was just "lol no." Rillaboom hit the closest to my usual favorite powerhouse aesthetic (think Charizard, Blaziken, and Incineroar), but something about him didn't quite feel right (or maybe I just don't connect with grass types?).

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The Season 18 finale of American Idol aired last night and was notably chaotic.

Due to the ongoing global health crisis, a traditional live show was an impossibility. So, for the first time ever, the show was produced with the entire cast and crew joining in virtually from separate locations, and all of the performances were live streamed or recorded in the singer's respective homes. Perhaps most challenging was the fact that the show's producers had to coordinate a live announcement of the show's winner, meaning that any lag, connection problems, or other technical difficulties were likely to ruin the big reveal. "That's going to be interesting," showrunner Trish Kinane said last month according to The Washington Post, "Let's hope the Internet gods are with us."

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