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Eden Ariel's "Altars" Is an Ethereal Joyride Through New York City

The indie singer exudes confidence and unassuming wisdom beyond her years.

Photo by Emma Noelle

On Eden Ariel's ethereal and magnetic debut EP, Altars, the 22-year-old budding indie star reflects on life in New York City with unassuming wisdom beyond her years.

She yearns for brief moments of escape from the merciless confines of city living (full disclosure: Ariel also contributes to Popdust). New York is an all-consuming existence, and Ariel acknowledges wholeheartedly that she is sometimes at its mercy. A seemingly toxic relationship causes her to believe that she is a self-sabotaging "demon" ("If the Butterfly Dreamed Me"), but then over sweeping strings, she starts to question whether she even loved this person for who they truly were, or if anything is even real at all. Was she even present in these moments that now consume her thoughts? Are we ever-present in anything? The hustle and bustle of city-dwelling is suffocating and rarely allows room for Ariel to reflect and answer these kinds of questions. As such, "If the Butterfly" feels like an emotional collapse happening in real-time, with its conclusion inevitably leading of course, to more questions, ("Nothing is as it seems...did I dream it, or did it dream me?").

Although Ariel, while within the city limits, is consumed by love, pain, and fear, Altars truly shines when the singer is able to finally escape to some peace and quiet. "We took the train all the way out of my head," she croons hopefully on "Far Rockaway, over lo-fi electric guitars. "I caught a glimpse of life beyond the lines." Ariel's soaring vocals gently carry us along in the singer's warm ethos. Wouldn't it be nice to forget our names for a moment, and sit with our friend Eden along the "lights of the river?" On "Altars," she sings, "All this rain can't last forever," with an equal amount of somberness and reassurance. As Eden Ariel walks along the nighttime shores of Far Rockaway or Coney Island, she is comforted by the fact that all things end as they began, that everything is cyclical even in the city that never sleeps, and that there is so much comfort to be found in that.


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Donald Trump's "Shooting" Tweet Is Not Okay—Regardless of the Minneapolis Protest/Riot/Revolution

His language threatens to escalate tensions while Twitter continues to enforce their standards

Shortly after midnight Friday morning, Donald Trump tweeted a message that would prompt the second instance of Twitter "censoring" him for a violation of their policies.

In this case his use of the phrase "when the looting starts, the shooting starts"—in reference to the riots that have taken hold of Minneapolis in the wake of George Floyd's death—was deemed to be "glorifying violence," and the Tweet was hidden. Twitter's decision was based in part on the phrase's connection (intentional or otherwise) to 1960s Miami police chief Walter Headley, who made the phrase famous in conjunction with the statement, "We don't mind being accused of police brutality. They haven't seen anything yet."

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How Has G-Eazy Dated Megan Thee Stallion, Lana Del Rey, and Halsey?

Twitter is reacting aversely to the news that G-Eazy might be dating Megan Thee Stallion. Though he as a history of dating beloved pop starlets, this one has sparked particularly strong backlash.

Early this morning, the rapper G-Eazy posted an Instagram video of himself with fellow rapper Megan Thee Stallion.

The former, whose real name is Gerald Earl Gillum, appears to be kissing Meg (real name Megan Jovon Ruth Pete) multiple times on the cheek. They were also spotted partying together in Miami, and G-Eazy posted a photo of Megan captioned with a series of blue hearts, sparking relationship rumors.

Twitter isn't happy about it.

Somehow, G-Eazy has dated some of pop music's brightest stars. He dated Lana Del Rey and then Halsey, and he played an instrumental role in inspiring both of their most recent musical endeavors.

He was first linked to Lana Del Rey after the two were spotted dancing to Kendrick Lamar at Coachella in 2017. They dated for at least several months, and the rapper apparently inspired Del Rey's song "White Mustang" from her album Lust for Life. But the relationship met its end, apparently partly because of G-Eazy's excessive cocaine use, and the rapper quickly moved onto Halsey.

The pair dated for over a year and broke up twice, and since their final separation they've both dropped scathing tracks about each other. Halsey's chart-topping hit "Without Me" was about how she helped G-Eazy reach the top of the charts, and she also mentioned him on her feature on Post Malone's "Die For Me."

G-Eazy's connections to powerful women are definitely part of the reason why this unremarkable rapper has achieved stardom, which is another reason why fans are feeling protective over Megan Thee Stallion.

This year, thanks to her song "Hot Girl Summer," Meg became a symbol of female independence, strength, and sexual liberation. So, if we're following through with that spirit, the Internet seemingly has no right to tell her off for who she wishes to date.

Still, it's hard not to wish that she wasn't dating G-Eazy, who seems to be the archetypal white male parasite, perpetually leaching off other cultures and other people to further his own career. The racial dynamics of the relationship have also made up a large part of the arguments, and many users on Black Twitter are angry about Megan dating a white dude; on the other hand, some have argued that race shouldn't matter, saying instead that G-Eazy's personality isn't a good fit for Megan's.

A few rare birds actually support their relationship.

Of course, it's really up to Megan in the end—she's her own independent person and an incredible up-and-coming superstar, and none of this really matters. Still, exactly how G-Eazy has roped in some of music's most talented and seductive women is an eternal mystery. Is it his tired bad-boy aesthetic or something more? Did Lana Del Rey teach him to practice anti-Trump witchcraft and did he use it to create a love potion?

It's a conundrum for the ages, but regardless, G-Eazy has provoked the jealousy and ire of fans across the world. Maybe we'll at least get a few collaborations, some live shade (both Del Rey and Halsey have insulted G-Eazy during their shows), and some empowering diss tracks when it ultimately implodes.